Bowling Will Turn You Into A Nazi

Today, I want to warn everyone who has ever thought about bowling : Bowling Will Turn You Into A Nazi.

It doesn’t matter whether your bowling style is dynamic –


– or demure.

Don’t go bowling, don’t even think about bowling too much. It might lead you into sin. Pretty girls are at the highest risk.

Steve Sailer writes:


Cass Sunstein …is a very smart guy who is ironically lacking in self-awareness. For example, in 2008 he declared that the solution to online conspiracy theories is for the government to mount secret conspiracies against conspiracy theorists: “cognitive infiltration” was the reassuring name Sunstein came up with.

Now, Sunstein is worried that if Americans ever stop “Bowling Alone” they might become Nazis.

From Bloomberg View,

Could Bowling Leagues and the PTA Breed Nazis?

By Cass R. Sunstein Jul 30, 2013 7:30 AM PT

In recent decades, many social scientists have drawn attention to the importance of “social capital.” The term is meant to capture the value, economic and otherwise, that comes from social networks, through which people frequently interact with one another. But what if social capital ends up contributing to the rise of extreme movements, including fascism?

This is exactly the problem with Nazi tendencies: you can find yourself slipping into them imperceptibly.

For example, suppose you’re a young girl who just wants to go bowling:
But the problem is you have TOO MUCH social capital. Too many people want to form social connections with you. (This is why pretty girls are at the highest risk for turning into Nazis.)

Before you know it, bowling will make you think that Nazis are fun:

You start hanging out with friends, and before you know it, you’ll be dressing like your friends and marching in step with them.

You know who else liked marching in step? Hitler. He felt it made people feel like part of a unified group – unified like a bowling team.

And then you start thinking that Nazi uniforms are cool:
This part is especially risky for pretty girls, because they have a natural tendency to want to be seen in fancy clothes. So pretty soon they’re dressing up in Nazi regalia and posting pictures online.
zJapanese Nazi Girls 1

zJapanese Nazi Girl 2
And then, before you know it, you develop an unusual interest in white, allegedly wholesome things:

By that point, it’s really too late, and you’re doomed to become a living embodiment of evil:

Geographical distance from Germany won’t save you. The Russians, for example, are slipping into some kind of pagan fertility cult:



Thrasymachus has noted that social capital can turn you into a Nazi even if you don’t go bowling.

It starts with loneliness, alienation, and regarding yourself as a grey swan. Sometimes it starts with people who doubt the wisdom of Mencius Moldbug.


Then you think there would be no harm in going to karaoke with a blond. You know who else liked blonds? Hitler, that’s who.


Then it accelerates into picnics and parties.

And then before you know it, Ernst-Rohm-cosplayers seem normal:


And before you know it, you’re a Nazi.

proud nazi girl

But the stiff-armed salutes and the excessively upright posture don’t last for long, and then you become a Nazi dope fiend, as all Nazis inevitably do.

sad nazi girl

And then your cat becomes a Nazi, because you dragged it down with you. I hope you’re proud of yourself, you monster.
hitler cat

I love Ex-Army dearly, but every now and again, he gets into a tizzy because some bowling team somewhere went bowling on the 20th of April. The 20th of April is not a special day. It comes once a year, like most days. By the time it’s the 20th of April in Ex-Army’s time zone, it’s already the 21st in the rest of the world.



This is of special importance to those of us on the right, because whatever arguments we make or insights we have are easily deflected with a one-word reply: “Hitler.” It doesn’t do any good, of course, to try to refute leftist arguments by saying “Stalin,” or “Mao,” because according to the Zeitgeist, those guys actually had a lot on the ball, and on some level, they like to be compared to them. Even when they acknowledge that they were murderers, the left points out that they really had little choice, because the wonderful work they were doing was, really, worth it.

Oh, our modern lefties say they wouldn’t murder people like that, never mind Waco. But I’m sure Stalin and Mao said they wouldn’t either, and then did it.

But the fact remains that whenever we say anything at all in favor of our race, our nation, our ethnic group, or our religion, we get smacked with a comparison to Hitler.

Ex-Army is ignoring the underlying root cause, which is bowling.

Bowling will turn you into a Nazi. This is indisputable.

The following Chinese couple tried to go bowling to celebrate their engagement, with predictable results.


Not all bowling results in weddings. If it did, solving Japan’s depopulation problem would just be a question of enough bowling alleys.


Political correctness is a war on noticing simple facts, such as the correlation between bowling and Nazism. However, if we allow political correctness to annoy us, we start wasting time on worrying about it, which gives us less time to do the really important things in life, like the appreciation of fine animated cartoons.


But political correctness is also a brainwashed adherence to Hollywood’s nonsense.


Consider once more Ex-Army’s complaint: whatever arguments we make or insights we have are easily deflected with a one-word reply: “Hitler.”


You know who is still interested in Hitler? Hollywood producers still want to make movies about Hitler. You know who doesn’t care about Hitler? The Nazi girls of Thailand, who are shown below, showing off their smartly tailored finery.


The rest of the world – specifically Asia – is marching forward. And sometimes — if it has been bowling recently — it marches wearing swastikas.

Even the USA government is willing support neo-Nazis if they feel it serves their purposes.

the Obama Administration is going to try to cement Victoria Nuland’s neo-nazi gang of thugs in Kiev into power, according to US based Professor Francis Boyle. He says the OSCE (The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe), NATO and the EU all support the US/CIA “project” as he called it. Professor Boyle says it is appalling that the EU stated that Nuland’s neo-nazi thugs in Kiev “reflect European values”

If Victoria Nuland can support neo-Nazis, there are no limits to Nazi chic.


When you stop caring about Hollywood, you stop caring about Hitler.

This might require you to move to Asia.

Even with all its problems, Asia is a better place to be.



Baloo and Ex-Army have been working hard to produce fan service pics of Nazi girls.

I have no clever comment to make.  You might not even be willing to read the articles, depending on how desperate you are for Nazi fan service.



So here you go: anime Nazi fan service:

And then Ex-Army linked to one of my posts about real-world conspiracies, and also to an illuminating post at:

Now, I had been planning to just post the above content in order to pad out a slow-news Sunday, but then I got linkage, and you know that when I get linkage, I feel a need to post lots of images.

And while Ex-Army didn’t explicitly say, “You should now post a bunch of cute anime girls doing cute small-unit tactical maneuvers with cute Lugers,” I had some kind of sense that the established protocol would make such a post appropriate.

Sadly, I have no new pictures of anime Nazi girls doing cute things. In fact, I have such disorganized image tagging that I can’t even locate the old pictures that I put up a few weeks ago.

So … I can’t offer a lot of anime girls today. Real-life girls will have to suffice.























Late Update:



Update 2017:

Update 2019:



The Japanese are making a game with cute girls doing Nazi things.

They want the equivalent of 3500 Euros to make this game.

If they can make Goebbels into a 14-year-old girl, I can’t imagine what they would make of Ernst Roehm.

Also, I don’t know how the flying saucers fit in.


Update 2019:










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2 Responses to Bowling Will Turn You Into A Nazi

  1. I actually ended up here because I did a Google Image search for “anime bear” and this site was the first result with an actual anime bear, as opposed to cartoon bears or girls dressed as bears, and hell if I’m not gonna check out a Google Image result about Nazi bowling and anime bears. I was looking for a reference for an anime-esque bear I was drawing, but then I realized I should just Google some Polar Bear Cafe screenshots. They hardly ever shade anything though, so this gif is helpful! Also Polar Bear Cafe is way too cute for my kind of bears.

    • zhai2nan2 says:

      Clearly I should post more images of ferocious ursines. I’m happy that some of my image selections were of interest. Now if only I could be inspired to write posts like the “bowling will turn you into a Nazi” every day, then I could really reach a big audience.

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