New Baloo cartoon on oppressed minorities

Coming from outside the United States of America, it’s a little hard for me to understand comments like:

Now, oppressed minorities consist of Blacks, American Indians, immigrants legal and illegal, women, homosexuals, transsexuals, Muslims — It’s easier to say who isn’t an oppressed/privileged minority, i. e., White male American Christian heterosexuals.

It’s my understanding that the American Indians are mostly symbolic, since there are too few of them to form a voting bloc and many of them are stuck in a cycle of rural poverty.

Read the new cartoon at:

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2 Responses to New Baloo cartoon on oppressed minorities

  1. Rex May says:

    Yes, Amerinds are mostly symbolic, but powerfully so. Most of them, of course were assimilated generations ago and absorbed into the White race, but the remnants are living on reservations under a system guaranteed to corrupts and degrade them. Where ARE you, anyway, come to think of it?

    • zhai2nan2 says:

      I *was* recently in Europe. Lately I’ve been traveling in Asia. I don’t have a permanent base of operations, so I usually “live out of a suitcase.”

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