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An art film for grass-eating boys: Kemonozume says, on behalf of two generations:”We might have been comparing ourselves to an ideal that doesn’t exist.” is not just an anime. It is a cerebral art film done in the medium of anime. This is not a huge surprise when one considers some of the staff – was the original creator of the so-ugly-it-becomes-beautiful … Continue reading

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Anarcho-Tyranny – central government keeps every citizen under surveillance in order to empower the most violent psychopaths – even non-governmental psychopaths

The real villains of this murder story isn’t the guy who squeezed the trigger. The primary villain is Cohn, the psychopath who needs to inflate his ego by breaking privacy laws. But the secondary villains are the corrupt lawyers, governmental … Continue reading

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Disregard anecdotes, consider actual statistical data

Statistics are not a guarantee of truth; all data collection is necessarily theory-laden. In particular, Al Kinsey was guilty of gross scientific misconduct and falsification of data, so when a sex research institute is named after Kinsey, one must regard … Continue reading

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Ideas Are Not Responsible For The People Who Believe In Them, Even If The Believers Are Idiots

Here is a deep truth: Ideas are not responsible for the people who believe in them. Very often in human societies, a repulsive idiot will latch onto an important idea. The human herd will be naturally repelled by the idiot, … Continue reading

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A single post of Elusive Wapiti is worth more than a year of Hooking Up Tart

Elusive Wapiti has been banned from some blog called Hooking Up Tart, or possibly Hooking Up With Tarts, I’m not sure. At any rate, I sincerely recommend my readers to follow EW’s blog. He has more worthwhile ideas in a … Continue reading

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