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How the Dystopia of the Mass-Murder-Cult Destroyed the Planetary Welfare State

Most of the readers of this blog have read The Garbage Generation and Jim’s summary of how Western marriage was sabotaged in the 1860s. Thus most readers understand how patriarchy requires female chastity, the disparagement of bastard children, and the … Continue reading

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Hyperreal simulacrum – how bad fiction makes society increasingly self-destructive

The simulacrum has long been of interest to philosophers. In his Sophist, Plato speaks of two kinds of image-making. The first is a faithful reproduction, attempted to copy precisely the original. The second is distorted intentionally in order to make … Continue reading

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The parable of the equitable, rational bridegroom and the arbitrary, superstitious bridegroom

There were two similar villages, and in each village lived a young man who was of marriageable age, and in each village there were a dozen equally suitable potential brides for this young man. In the first village, the bridegroom … Continue reading

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Beware cut-rate bride prices; you might get as little as you paid

He was drawn to agencies promising to match him with a wife after coming out of a relationship with a Chinese women and finding an ad in the paper. … After picking an experienced agency, he took leave from his … Continue reading

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A:”Chocolate is delicious.” – B:”That’s true for you, but not for me.” – A:”You dirty little relativist! Haven’t you read Paul Copan?”

I have not read Paul Copan’s book, but I love its title: True for you, but not for me. I also love the traditional Aristotelian/Aquinan term for an idea that exists only in a mind: phantasm, but since I have … Continue reading

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