How the Dystopia of the Mass-Murder-Cult Destroyed the Planetary Welfare State


Most of the readers of this blog have read The Garbage Generation and Jim’s summary of how Western marriage was sabotaged in the 1860s. Thus most readers understand how patriarchy requires female chastity, the disparagement of bastard children, and the enforcement of male rights over children to ensure male loyalty to children.

Now here is a dystopian tale of a future that is not impossible.

Western-style civilization had spread over the entire planet and abolished patriarchal marriage. Males were sometimes shaken down for child support, but for the most part, males had withdrawn from marriage. The planetary welfare state ensured that every woman could procure sperm one way or another to produce children, and all children were raised with the constant intervention of the welfare state – even if the father remained present in the home. The welfare state abolished religions that taught of life after death; materialism and sensual pleasure were the only joys it recognized. The welfare state publicly avowed humanistic compassion, but privately recruited sadists to staff its extensive prisons. Nation-states were absorbed into the unified, socialistic state; racial separatism and national pride were outlawed; all citizens were said to be equal – and no one was allowed to reject citizenship.

Because most males were alienated from society, they behaved like rats in a behavioral sink – but humans are smarter than rats. Humans are inclined to mysticism, altered states of consciousness, and elaborately violent ideologies. No one remembers the name of the man who became the first priest of Death Worship, but everyone remembers how his cult destroyed the welfare state.

The first priest was – from the perspective of the welfare state – just a mass murderer with delusions of grandeur. He believed that attachment to children only made men cowardly, and that any man who produced children would always fear to murder wantonly, lest he accidentally destroy his own children. The first priest demonstrated how his callousness made him effective at mass murder, and his cultists emulated his ferocity. The first priest was killed in battle early in the history of the cult, but not before his simple ideas had been thoroughly publicized.

The early cultists treated men who produced children as second-class citizens, and referred to children only as “hostages.” Women in the mass-murder-cult were accorded no rights over children, and not allowed to raise children after breast-feeding had ended, for fear that the children would absorb womanly compassion. The cultists believed that life was inherently undesirable, and that only mass murderers would enjoy glory after death.

The madmen of the mass-murder-cult would have been worthless against disciplined, nationalistic troops on a regular battlefields, but the degenerate, post-nationalistic troops of the welfare state feared the mass-murder-cult. The planetary welfare state had abolished the divisive, tribalistic pride inspired by nationalism. Welfare state troops did not believe in life after death; the officers of the welfare state were cowardly, sensual poltroons who put their underlings’ lives at risk while jealously guarding the personal safety of officers and plutocrats. As the welfare state rotted, the original mass-murder cult inspired similar cults who imitated its doctrines. Torn apart by internecine warfare, the welfare state could no longer brainwash small children or hand out subsidies to single mothers. Thus a generation arose that knew only the murderous chaos of the cults, and treated fathers as inferior to mass-murdering priests.

But the future belongs to those who show up for it. One generation after the fall of the welfare state, the most orthodox priests were all dead, and the second-class male citizens who had produced children were the new patriarchs. The priests were promised glory after death, but the patriarchs had the support of children while they lived out their lives.

Two generations after the fall of the welfare state, the priests of the mass-murder cult were fading into legend as bogeymen, mentioned mostly to frighten disobedient children, and patriarchal civilization once again climbed out of the muck of sensual materialism.

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