Rumiko Takahashi horrifies John Samuel … because she’s not feminist enough for him?


John Samuel wrote

December 21, 2013 at 7:17 pm
Rumiko Takahashi is a difficult case to assess. She may be simultaneously the most successful female comic artist ever, AND one of the least feminist comic artists ever. The gender roles in Ranma 1/2 are horrifying.

John Samuel blogs at:

I suppose I shouldn’t shoot my mouth off about Ranma 1/2 until I actually watch it.

I don’t know about most of Takahashi’s art, I don’t know about John Samuel’s philosophy of feminism, but I will say this: I’ve known a lot of Asian women. Very few of them have been feminists. Even fewer of them have been inclined to pay much attention to Western feminist agitators.

Asia is rising. Asian women are not likely to feel obligated by Western notions of “feminism.”

Western feminism during the 1960s certainly did an excellent job of weakening marriage in the USA. Now the USA’s native-born population is in sharp decline, the USA economy is weak, and the USA-centered feminist movement is running out of converts for its missionary zeal.

I don’t want to present Asians as the “master race” (except for the PC gamers, of course…) because marriage was weaker in Asia than in the West even before the feminist Alinsky-niks starting attacking it.


Asian nationalism in various countries is not likely to lead to pan-Asian pride. A Korean who is proud of Korea is not likely to view the Japanese Empire with misty-eyed sentimentality. A Vietnamese is not likely to eagerly give up his land for benevolent PRC hegemony.

But Asian prosperity might lead to widespread anti-feminist sentiment in Asia. There is no guarantee that rich nations will always become more feminist as they accumulate wealth.

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3 Responses to Rumiko Takahashi horrifies John Samuel … because she’s not feminist enough for him?

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  2. Rex May says:

    Indeed, Ranma 1/2 must be read, but even more importantly, viewed in its anime form. And this quibcag must be viewed:

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