If you want to marry a rich Chinese man, bring your medical certificate of virginity and be prepared to demonstrate cooking and cleaning skills

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ZeroHedge reports:

One particularly perplexing sector of society that has a hard time finding suitable marriage partners is young, extremely wealthy men.

Cheng Yongsheng has made a business out of finding dream women for Chinese millionaires with his Luxury Matchmaker Parties… All participants must have capital worth at least 100 million RMB ($16.5 million) to attend.

The need for such an industry arises from the busy wealthy men themselves, who claim that while beautiful women are no rarity in their lives, women actually serious about and suitable for marriage are hard to find when one has a financial empire to build.

Less than one year after their establishment in 2012, these parties have become well known among the Chinese populace.

Women volunteer to attend the gatherings, providing intimate information about themselves and their backgrounds.

Volunteers are asked to provide their height, weight, measurements, family background, hobbies, and skills. They are then interviewed and ranked according to their “grade.” Afterwards,

they are asked to demonstrate certain household skills, such as ironing and chopping vegetables,

as well as an individual skill or talent.

The actual requirements vary from city to city and event to event, following the trends and tastes of the participants.

After one woman in Chengdu presented a medical certificate of virginity, such verification has become an increasingly common expectation

at matchmaking events.


Volunteers come from all walks of life, which for some is a demonstration of China’s movement in the direction of social equality. Parents also come representing their daughters, some of whom are still in high school, as a way to secure for them a proper future and raise the social rank of the family.

The reaction from the public has been mostly one of disapproval. Many young people express suspicion at men who blatantly use money to attract women. Others say that it is disrespectful to women to have them vie for marriage partners in such a fashion, reducing them to a checklist of requirements, rather than treating them as equals.

Others, meanwhile, take what they perceive as a more pragmatic approach to the matter. Marriages arranged by family members, friends and other third parties are still the norm in China. The requirements by which marriages are made are still largely a matter of finances and social status, with shared hobbies and interests a distant way down the list.

I can imagine how Western feminists will react to this news:

However, Western feminists do not typically get into uniforms, load up rifles, and fight their own battles. They typically leave that for the desperately poor rednecks who are pulled by youthful dreams of adventure and pushed by a broken economy.


The USA is not going to go to war with China over a few social-climber trophy wives. The men who will be moved to hatred by this new sort of marriage were born within PRC borders.


However, I don’t think this hatred will erupt in violence. I think the hatred will not even be directed toward the rich. I think young Chinese men will grow up to resent women in general. I think the current appearance of Western-style modernization in China will slowly curdle as young men begin to describe women with terms less polite than “gold-digger.”

The long-term response will probably not be Chinese men “dropping out” of marriage. The long term response will probably be that arranged marriages will displace Western-style self-selected mating arrangements. Chinese nationalism will assist in pushing the Chinese to reject Western-style feminism and to praise the wisdom of the ancient Chinese, who practiced arranged marriage.

I don’t doubt that the PRC will still promote its own version of “feminism” whenever that seems convenient – in particular, I suspect the PRC will keep dressing up obedient female comrades in uniforms and designating them as “soldiers.” I doubt that any of them will shoot as accurately as Lyudmila Pavlichenko any time soon, however.

In the USA of 1944, there were already plenty of men who regarded fornication as a mere sensual entertainment, who had no moral qualms about getting any kind of sex they could get away with. But they feared venereal disease, they feared unplanned pregnancy, they feared being forced into marriage. They could not foresee that in 30 short years, the USA would have gay rights, legal abortion, and a materialistic culture that worshiped sex.

Likewise, in the PRC of 1985, there were plenty of men who would have been happy to jettison Communist leftism and return to Chinese nationalism, arranged marriages, and right-wing reactionary policies. Perhaps in 2015, the most sexually reactionary society on Planet Earth will not be in Utah, nor in Saudi Arabia, but in Beijing.

Plenty of manosphere blogs write about sex, and some talk about “neoreaction,” but what would a sexually reactionary society really look like? It wouldn’t look like “Chateau Roissy,” but it might look like an arranged marriage meeting in China – a businesslike exercise in due diligence, intended to preserve the bloodlines of the important families.

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1 Response to If you want to marry a rich Chinese man, bring your medical certificate of virginity and be prepared to demonstrate cooking and cleaning skills

  1. Posts like these make me think of the few, but vocal, American men who proclaim how super-masculine their culture is, and how feminine Asian culture is. It makes me think that it is not really as masculine as they think it is. If it were masculine then they would have firm control over their women folk like the prospective Chinese husbands in your post. They might be able to learn a thing or two about women by studying other cultures a little more than they presently do.

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