Saying farewell to 2013, and a New Year’s Resolution

I started this blog in 2013, intending to talk about paranormal research and why the manosphere is so shamefully ignorant of it.

I rapidly degenerated into habitual posting of current events and animated gifs.

[Note that unlike the similar animated gif at Ex-Army‘s place, the girls in the gif above are really supposed to be in danger, so the gif is deconstructing the whole “cute action girl” theme.]

Where did this blog go wrong?

What am I good at?

Well, I can explain anime plots, which actually brings me a fair amount of web traffic. This blog doesn’t contribute much to the welfare of the human species, but at least I know that someone on a pro-wrestling board links to me when he explains why he watches Kill La Kill! And Legionnaire benefits from my tobacco pages.


What do I want to accomplish with my life?

I want people to be happy and free from suffering. Furthermore, when I say “happy” and “free from suffering,” I mean a happiness and freedom deeper than the distraction caused by a pleasant anime.

So in case you were going to claim that my mission in life ought to be to promote anime … I deny that claim.

Even if I were going to promote anime, a free WordPress blog would not necessarily be the ideal way to do it. (Note that is “free as in beer,” not “free as in speech” – if I ever say anything that dislikes, this space belongs to them and they could decide to take it back. Since I’m not paying for this blog, I am the product, and any ad agencies who pay to put ads on this blog are the real customers.)

A free WordPress blog does have some advantages for a few specialized political purposes. For example, one can draw attention to the fact that feminism is Cultural Marxism, and feminism makes a lot of women unhappy by sabotaging their natural tendencies to become mothers:

A free WordPress blog also has various disadvantages – of which the most important is its tendency to become an echo chamber or a flame war battleground, or both.

The “you’re-so-wonderful-echo-chamber” game goes like this: Suppose I like something Vrai writes, and so I link to Vrai, and suddenly WordPress sees lots more traffic. The opposite phenomenon is the “flame war,” which goes like this: I link to that “bumper sticker feminist” guy, and suddenly WordPress gets more web traffic.

WordPress is set up to make us notice our traffic and treat it like a score in a game. This makes sense; WordPress wants freeloading bloggers to make popular blogs so that WordPress will eventually be able to sell advertising on our sites and finally make a profit on us.

Regardless of the goodness or badness of sending warm fuzzies and cold pricklies across the blogosphere, it can be a heck of a distraction from one’s serious thoughts, even when it’s limited to transitory links in posts.

When you start up a link list, the echo-chamber/flame-war effect just gets ridiculous. Bloggers get downright silly about the playground-level politics of link lists, and then the guy who really did an excellent job decides to abandon his blog, and every time you try to use your link list, you end up following it to the cold corpse of his blog and weeping softly for what might have been.

But whether I’m inflating my ego with blunt self-praise, or inflating it by criticizing others, or inflating it by dramatizing my emotions, it all boils down to ego inflation.


Then again, it’s hard to avoid telling the world that I’m fabulous. This blog is essentially an addiction to telling the world how fabulous I am. Somehow I got addicted to the idea that I could scare up 200 to 300 daily hits by writing three or four blog posts, even if those blog posts concerned nothing more important than happy cows. (We all love happy cows, right?)


(Maybe some of us have certain reservations about certain cows and the sources of their happiness.)

All of this convinces me that I need to take up a New Year’s Resolution: I resolve to blog less at Vulture of Critique in 2014. Blogging is a stress-release-valve for me; it allows me to ignore the fact that time is slipping away and I’m not doing anything to promote human rights, world peace, or even my own personal peace of mind.

No more than two Vulture of Critique blog posts are needed on any given day. Current events are not so very urgent that I need to editorialize about them the moment I become aware of them. I could actually allow a day to slip by without getting on my free-as-in-beer electronic soap-box.

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