Meditation, drugs, and exercises are modern responses to burnout




Steve Sailer has an awesome post here:

We used to live on farms. We used to walk almost everywhere. We used to use our muscles.

First the Industrial Age made us stand in one place, doing repetitive work.

Now the Information Age makes us sit in semi-ergonomic swivel chairs, staring at glowing screens.

It’s no wonder we feel physically and mentally strained.

Most of us have dysfunctional social relationships, so there’s additional stress from that.

It’s not surprising that we’re willing to try faddish diets, grueling workouts, weird drugs, and even meditation to try to find some kind of balance.

Here’s a positive thinking exercise from Ask and It is Given:

Process #17 The Focus Wheel Process
When to Use This Process:
• When you realize that your current Vibrational Point of Attraction is not where you want it to be.
• When you are aware that you are feeling negative emotion about something that is important, and you
want to find a way of feeling positive emotion instead.
• When something has just happened that is not to your liking, and you want to think about it while it is
on your mind and change your point of attraction so that it does not happen again.
• When you are reaching for a feeling of relief.
Current Emotional Set-Point Range
This Focus Wheel Process will be of the most value to you when your Emotional Set-Point is ranging
somewhere between: (8) Boredom and (17) Anger.
Through exposure to life experiences, people often arrive at beliefs that hold them in a vibrational
pattern that disallows their receiving of something they desire. And even though those beliefs are not
serving them, many people defend their continual return to those unpleasant facts, arguing, “After all,
they’re true.”
We want to remind you that the only reason anything has manifested into a physical, tangible, definable
truth is because someone has given enough attention to it to make that so. But just because someone else
has managed to create their truth, it does not mean that it has any relationship to you or to what you will
In your attempt to document the facts and events of your time, you often, without knowing you are doing
it, hold yourself in patterns of vibrations that make it certain that you will confirm the “truth” (or some
fact you are studying) with your own life experience. This is not because it is an undeniable truth that you
are witnessing, but it is because, in your attention to it, you have achieved vibrational harmony with it,
so the Law of Attraction brings a matching experience to you.
Sometimes someone will say to us, “But Abraham, I cannot ignore this, for it’s true!” And we say, It is
only true because someone has made it true by giving their attention to it. You see, what you are actually
saying here is, “Because someone else has given attention to this and therefore, by the Law of Attraction,
invited it into their own experience, I think I’ll do the same. In other words, even though I don’t want it,
I’m obliged to create it in my own reality because someone else did.”
There are many things that are true that you do desire. And there are many things that are true that you
do not desire. It is our encouragement that you give your attention to the things that you do desire—and
make those wonderful things the truth of your life experience.
Most people, however, have not deliberately guided their thoughts to those things that feel good, and so,
without knowing they are doing it, they develop patterns of thoughts that they now continue to repeat.
Of course, some of your patterns of thought are extremely beneficial to you. Others are not. And so, this
Focus Wheel Process is designed to assist you in changing your vibrational patterns on those specific
subjects that are not beneficial to you. It is a process whereby you can literally practice your thoughts
into a better feeling—and therefore into a better point of attraction.
We recommend that you spend 15 or 20 minutes with this process anytime you feel strong negative
emotion about something that has happened, or whenever you wish to improve your feeling of clarity.
Your heightened negative emotion is always highlighting a good opportunity to shift your Energy on a
subject, because something that you have been living has brought it to a particularly focused position.
And so now, as you apply the Focus Wheel Process to it, you will be able to feel any improvement that
you achieve in a more emphatic way. We recommend using this Focus Wheel Process in any moment when
you are keenly aware of something that you do not want.
This is the process where you make a general statement that matches your desire. In other words, you’re
reaching for a match. And how do you know you have found one? Because you feel a sense of relief. In
other words, the statement soothes you; the statement just feels a little better. And once you find it, if
you can focus there tor a little bit, even amplify it or exaggerate it, or remember something related to
it… that is to say, if you can manage, once you find that gentle comforting statement, to stay there for
at least 17 seconds so that you allow another thought to join it… it will then give impetus to your newly
stated belief.

An Example of the Focus Wheel Process
Here’s how to begin the Focus Wheel Process: Draw a large circle on a sheet of paper. Then draw a
smaller circle, about two inches in diameter, in the center of the large circle. Sit back and look at the
small circle and feel your eyes focus upon it.
Now, close your eyes for a moment and turn your attention to whatever has happened that has produced
the negative emotion within you. Identify exactly what it is that you do not want.
At this point, say to yourself, Well, I clearly know what I don’t want. What is it that I do want?
It is helpful if you try to identify what you do not want as well as what you do want in terms of the way
you want to feel about it.
For example:
I feel fat, and I want to feel slender.
I feel poor, and I want to feel prosperous.
I feel unloved, and I want to feel loved.
I feel deceived, and I want to feel honored.
I feel ill, and I want to feel well.
I feel powerless, and I want to feel my power.
Next, try to write statements around the outside edge of your large circle that match what it is that you
do want. When you find a statement that is a close enough match, you will know it. In other words, you
will feel whether your statement does not match and throws you off the wheel into the bushes, so to
speak, or whether it is a statement that is close enough to your desire that it sticks.
The reason the Focus Wheel Process is so effective is because the statements you are writing are those
that you have deliberately chosen. They are general statements that you already believe, that match your
desire. And the reason it works is because the Law of Attraction is so very powerful that when you hold a
thought for as little as 17 seconds, another thought like it will join it; and as those two thoughts come
together, there is a combustion that occurs that makes your thoughts even more powerful.
Whenever you make a general statement, you are more likely to be pure in your thought than when you
make a specific statement, so the power of the Focus Wheel is that you are making general statements
that you already believe, and as you hold each of them for 17 seconds or so, it gives you an opportunity to
offer a pure vibration that is more and more specific to your desire.
So, let us say that you are preparing to do this process and you know that your intention is to eventually
write: “I feel good about my body” or “My knee is well.” But if you begin there, if the first little phrase
you write is: “I feel good about my body,” you can tell, by the way you feel, that the Energy is not lined
up, because all it did was make you feel ornery and aggravate your awareness that you do feel fat or that
your knee does hurt. So that statement was too specific.
In other words, it is sort of like trying to jump on a train that is going too fast, and all you do is just
bounce back off of it. Can you imagine trying to get on a merry-go-round that is going too fast? You
cannot quite get on yet, but if it slows down, you can— and then it can speed up, and as it does so this
time, you can be comfortable on it. What you want to do is slow the “wheel” down, slow the belief down,
so that you can get on. And then, once you do so, you can increase the speed of the vibration.
Now, just by trial and error, you can choose another statement. You might say something like, “I know
that my physical body responds to my thoughts.” Well, that is a softer statement, and you already believe
that, but that makes you a little mad at yourself. So that was not a really good starting point either. You
feel around for something else, and you say something like, “For the most part, my body’s doing all
right.” Well, now, you believe that. That statement feels all right. You are able to stay on the merry-goround.
As you write that around your circle and focus upon it, it feels pretty good. And then you make another
statement. You might say something like, “I believe that the Universe matches our vibration.” You
absolutely believe that, so that statement sticks. Then you make a statement such as, “This physical body
has been very good for me.” You believe that. That statement stays. You are beginning to feel a little
better. You are beginning to feel a little sense of relief. You are not quite so mad at yourself. Your
vibration is lifting.
And so, let us continue to add power to this process of the Focus Wheel: As you find thoughts that feel
good, continue writing them around the perimeter of your larger circle. Start at what 12 o’clock would be
if you were looking at a clock, and then continue around to 1 o’clock, 2 o’clock, and so on, until you have
12 statements that feel good to you.
Since your thoughts are sometimes already spinning with such momentum that even though you want to
change them you cannot find a place to jump in, this Focus Wheel game is about finding a thought that is
close enough to where you are right now so that you do not end up thrown off in the bushes, but where
you can gradually begin moving toward the way you want to feel. It is a wonderful vibrational bridging
For example, let us say that you feel fat. Something has happened in your experience to bring that to the
forefront of your mind, and you are, in this moment, feeling strong negative emotion about it. Take your
paper, draw a circle in the center of the page, and within the circle you could write the words: I want to
feel slender.
Now, focus upon the subject at hand and try to find thoughts that match how you want to feel, thoughts
that feel good to you while you ponder them. Try to find a thought that does not throw you off in the
I can be slender again.
(This thought is too far from what you really believe, and while you want to believe it, you do not. And
you can feel that you do not. And so, because this thought does not feel good to you, this is an off-in-thebushes
My sisters are slender and beautiful.
(This thought does not feel good either. It points out their success and makes you feel your own lack of
success even more. This thought throws you off in the bushes.)
I’ll find something that will work for me.
(While this thought feels a little bit better than the previous ones, it still does not feel good. You have
tried many things, but you believe that you have found nothing that works for you, so this thought just
points out your past failures. This thought throws you off in the bushes.)
I know that there are others who have been where I now am who have found a way that works for them.
(With this thought, you may feel a sensation of relief. You do feel a little bit better. Remember, you are
not looking for the end-all solution here. You are only looking for a thought that feels good enough that it
sticks. And this thought does not throw you off in the bushes. So, write it on your page at the 12 o’clock
position, and now reach for more good-feeling thoughts.)
I don’t have to do all of this today.
(That is another one that sticks. Write it at the 1 o’clock position.)
I’ll find a diet that works.
(Off in the bushes.)
I don’t feel good in my clothes.
(Off in the bushes.)
It will be fun to buy some new clothes. (2:00)
(That one sticks.)
My body will feel more refreshed. (3:00)
I will feel more vital. (4:00)
New ideas will come to me. (5:00)
(You’re rolling now.)
I already know some things that will help. (6:00)
(Yes, feeling better.)
I like taking control of my own experience. (7:00)
I’m looking forward to making this change. (8:00)
I like feeling good.
(That one sticks. Write it on the 9:00 position.)
I like feeling good in my body. (10:00)
I feel good about my body. (11:00)
(Yes! Now, after writing that on the 11:00 position, emphatically circle the words you originally wrote in
the center of your Focus Wheel, and notice that you now do feel a closer vibrational alignment with that
thought, when only minutes before, you were nowhere near that vibration.)

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