Kill la Kill! should come with a Trigger warning …


Kill la Kill! should come with a Trigger warning –

Because, like Studio Trigger, trigger warning – get it?


I actually don’t like the art style of Kill la Kill! very much. It reminds me of

which was a rather cerebral exercise in satire, as if a bunch of film school students tried to summarize the campy stereotypes of modern television by producing an alphabetically organized list of crude sex jokes.

Of course, the two shows have a number of staff members in common, such as:


However, contrary to what you may have heard, imitation is only the second most sincere form of flattery.

The most sincere form of flattery is anonymously posting a link on a popular imageboard.


Thanks to whoever posted that link, the day before my blog anniversary had the largest number of hits in this blog’s history.


This leads to something that might seem paradoxical at first glance. We bloggers often form echo chambers by linking to blogs that express views with which we agree.


I find that I agree with Ex-Army and Baloo concerning cannibalism
cannibalismfallout 2

so I link to:

But this isn’t a perfect act of disinterested altruism, because Ex-Army frequently links to me. So we tend to form an “echo chamber,” with each of us pointing at the other and saying, “Boy, that fellow has a good sense of what makes a good blog!” (And just to add some echoes, the Ex-Army post about cannibalism is also a link to another blog … so these echo chambers tend to sprawl out through the blogosphere.)

So after I have linked to Ex-Army a few times in a row, I get self-conscious about this, because I can imagine my readers noting the trend and sneering, “Oh, he just links to Ex-Army because he’s confident that Ex-Army will link back.”

To truly praise a blog, I can’t link it from this platform. I have to go to an anonymous forum, where I can’t be rewarded in any way for linking, and link from there. Anonymity lends a small measure of credibility to personal endorsements.

Of course, loathesome propagandists like Cass Sunstein know this:

and they run special groups of Internet propagandists who try to co-opt organic activism. So just because an endorsement is anonymous, that doesn’t mean it’s sincere; the guy who posted it might be a paycheck patriot, toeing the party line because it beats getting a minimum wage for flipping burgers.

So … who linked to me on 4chan? I didn’t do it – all folks from my ISP are blocked by 4chan.

It may have been somebody who found my image through google image search or some similar search engine. I may go to my grave never knowing who linked to me. The suspense is killing me slowly. I have to dress up in “Oriental Byron” style so that people will know how emo I am. My hair looks this. I don’t have a moustache though.


Do you see what you have done, anonymous linker? You forced me to do this. You and your anonymous flattery…

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3 Responses to Kill la Kill! should come with a Trigger warning …

  1. baloocartoons says:

    It was Karol Traven, that rascal.

  2. That art style is horrendous

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