Dampier opens the discussion – but what about the banksters?

But the state prefers to reward the 40-hour-a-week format for standardization, ease of taxation, and in a vain attempt to create a worker’s paradise on Earth. The notion that ‘full employment’ is even desirable rests on a set of strange quantity-before-quality assumptions about the nature of work and human society.

It is also a difficult frame to smash: it is shared by all the people of quality, and only rogues believe otherwise.

What it ultimately does is create a dispirited, demoralized, Soviet-like population of ugly, fat, slutty, and unhealthy people. The property of the middle class gets routinely redistributed through various tax-and-inflation policies, keeping them in the labor market for too long.

Idiots mix with the capable, destroying business productivity. Young people do not enter the skill-building relationships that they need to, because they are illegal. Shortages and gluts appear regularly, which generates political chaos, and because democracy is incapable of producing effective leadership, the solutions chosen only exacerbate the underlying structural problems.


All that is true as far as it goes, but what about the banksters?

I don’t think that modern society got this messed up just by accident.

I think the banksters are profoundly evil and they reduced society to a squalid, pseudo-Soviet mess because it’s their nature to dehumanize whenever they can.

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