Excluding women from male spaces, or getting females to exclude themselves


Did that GIF make you wince?

The power of Grayskull notwithstanding, it doesn’t look like women are going back to the kitchen.

In fact, women can effectively infiltrate most male spaces.

About the only way to exclude women would be to have a local clubhouse only accessible by climbing a rope hand-over-hand.

I have noticed an alternate phenomenon, however: in certain weightlifting gyms, women are indeed welcome, but males meet up for intense and frequent lifting. Because the female athletes in the vicinity are not as motivated, the females exclude themselves.

This can apply to the manosphere. If women are going to enter the manosphere conversation, and men feel a need for exclusively male space, the answer is to find some communications niche that women honestly find boring.

And before you ask, anime won’t work – there are lots and lots of female anime fanatics.

Erudite Knight has more thoughts on the female infiltration of the Manosphere:

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4 Responses to Excluding women from male spaces, or getting females to exclude themselves

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  2. AAB says:

    Groups of male enthusiasts of various fields rarely have women in them: model railways, railway trains, WW2, computer games, cycling. Football used to be a male only past-time. But then the 1990’s came along and it got turned into a money making venture rather than a past-time, which means it had to be ‘family friendly’ and attract a large wealthy clientele, i.e middle-class people, women and their money.

    There are probably a plethora of reasons why a specific gender dominates an activity or why a change occurs. History offers a few examples of industries that were dominated by specific genders and then slowly replaced by the opposite gender. For instance brewing used to be dominted by women (alewives) but then by the 1600s men had taken over:
    Women brewed and sold most of the ale consumed in medieval England, but after 1350, men slowly took over the trade. By 1600, most brewers in London were male, and men also dominated the trade in many towns and villages.
    Source: http://www.amazon.com/Ale-Beer-Brewsters-England-Changing/dp/0195126505

    IIRC weaving was originally dominated by men but then women took over, but I can’t find any links support the claim.

  3. Erudite Knight says:

    I notice that when females are around it destorys the dynamic of men, suddenly it doesnt become about maxing out your squats, but doing bicep curls in front of the treadmills.

  4. emmatheemo says:

    Aw, women just collect where they see real leadership and interesting stuff ;_;

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