Another pre-packaged post from before I entered the hospital

I am +3h 1337.

I command this post to shine forth into the darkness.

I am writing this several days in advance. It is here in case someone had intended to ask whether I am back from the hospital yet. The answer is, probably not yet.

Another question is, when am I going to start posting on a regular schedule again?

Well, come now. What am I supposed to do, come up with gun-related jokes and superimpose them on graphics of the Sabagebu girls? Isn’t that Baloo’s job?


Oh, no, wait, I could ignore the riots in the USA and the war in the Ukraine, and instead start blogging six times a day about my bodily health! That would fascinate my readers!

No. That was sarcasm right there.

For the foreseeable future, I need to stop typing. Typing disconnects my brain from any kind of physical pain. I probably would have been more alert to my bodily pains if I hadn’t anesthetized myself with blogging.

So for a while I am going to re-acquaint myself with my physical aches and pains, and further I am not going to type about it – on or off the Internet. Writing on paper will suffice for me to organize my prescriptions, and writing on paper is slow and forces me to weigh my words and choose my themes carefully.

In the mean time, I need contributors to help keep this blog going, if it is going to keep going at all. Since it’s private, I guess I can open up comments, but I don’t have time to write about the latest James Donald dust-up. Somebody else has to do that for me. Luther has refused to be an admin in the past because he’s too busy with his own blog, so I need to tap somebody with a lot of time on his hands… a real loser … and it would help if he knew anime …

… yeah, I think there’s only one unemployed otaku who can be called upon to run this blog… Please prove me wrong. Please post comments saying that you have the free time to administer an extra blog…

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