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The police officer is supposed to supplant Dad, just as Prime Minister displaces King (minister of ministers being more important than first among fathers). The legal theorist is supposed to supplant the backwards mystic traditions that informed old laws. – See more at:

It is the procedures that are the problem. It is the procedures that are getting innocent or addled people killed unnecessarily.

It bothers me that the police would even try to claim that someone’s “failure to comply” is sufficient cause to kill them. It seems that the police should be required to have probable cause that person they are shooting has (1) broken the law; and (2) pose a credible threat to someone. Simply holding an air rifle doesn’t cut it.

A former acting director of cyber security at the Department of Health and Human Services was convicted on federal child pornography charges on Tuesday, according to the Department of Justice.
The details of the evidence presented against Timothy DeFoggi, the former acting director, are gruesome…

in the current structure of the police versus the rest of society, the police can often get a pass after killing someone without justification.

I believe that this needs to be changed. A good first step in making police think twice about killing someone is that it should be standard policy that any police officer that kills someone should be immediately removed from the police force, his salary stopped and that he be prevented from receiving any pension or other payments that would normally be due an officer leaving the force.

This should be only a first step, of course. Prosecution of an officer should also be a further option if it is clear that the cop was not acting in self-defense or protecting others from harm.

Law is just one public institution, but it is a corner stone of society. When law goes, everything goes.

Only about 4 percent of federal felony cases go to trial. Almost all, 96 percent, are settled by negotiated plea bargains. Law & Order Conservatives condemn plea bargains for the wrong reason. They think plea bargains let criminals off easy.

In fact, plea bargains are used by prosecutors to convict the innocent along with the guilty.

Further background on police:

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