Obviously, we all know everything there is to know about skeptics


In case you thought you were a skeptic, you’re just wrong.

Why? It’s just obvious to Bruce Charlton, so there’s no need to prove it.


There are no skeptics, there are no moral relativists
That’s it – really. Very obviously not – I’d have thought.

So why do we persist in taking these fools at their own valuation?

The funny thing is that quite a lot of people really do believe that they themselves are skeptics!

I can’t believe what idiots all those self-proclaimed skeptics are! It’s obvious to Bruce Charlton that they are not REALLY skeptics, so they should immediately stop and rearrange their vocabularies to suit Bruce Charlton … even though he can’t EXPLAIN what the hell he means.

And THESE idiots here:


How DARE they doubt Bruce Charlton?

They blather on about Foundationalists, Infinitists, Coherentists – they should shut down Stanford and its silly encyclopedia of philosophy. Bruce Charlton can tell us all we need to know. If any other book agrees with Charlton, it is superfluous and can be burned. If any other book disagrees with Charlton, it is heretical and SHOULD be burned.

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