vulture of critique, the word of god says we have rights, tobacco smoke animal longevity, aryan skynet

My commentaries on the top search terms of the day follow:

1: vulture of critique

This is a joke made by zhai2nan2, a better blogger than myself who probably won’t be coming back to blogging any time soon.

There was a general term, “culture vulture,” meaning someone in a semi-artistic field who rips things off – e.g. an advertising exec who rips off art to make advertisements.

And there was a book, The Culture of Critique, by Kevin MacDonald. And now it’s available free of charge online, because, hey, copyright enforcers are not going to protect the rights of an unpopular author like Kevin MacDonald! But Dr. MacDonald probably would allow it to stay online even if he had the option of taking it down.

Put them together, and you don’t necessarily have anything meaningful. Maybe it meant something to zhai2nan2 when he coined it. Maybe he just thought it sounded good.

2: the word of god says we have rights

“The Word of God” is an English phrase frequently used in English translations of the Old Testament.

Various people disagree about whether the Old Testament is in fact the literal teaching of the Supreme Being.

“Word of God” is also used to mean “authoritative text” in non-religious situations.

“Right” is a word used in different ways by different people. See Plato’s dialogues:

“Is the pious loved by the gods because it is pious, or is it pious because it is loved by the gods?”

It doesn’t matter where you start, you’re going to have to end up reading all of them.

You will eventually have to read serious commentaries on Plato:

3: tobacco smoke animal longevity

Oh, you want THIS page :

Since zhai2nan2 was very sloppy, I’m going to rearrange his pages and give them different URLs, when I get off my butt and get diligent, so you should expect these hyperlinks to break eventually!

4: aryan skynet

I know it’s a Terminator reference, but I don’t know who started it – probably Kievsky. I don’t know what it means, but whenever I see the word “aryan” I post pictures of scantily-clad cosplayers wearing swastikas. Bear in mind I don’t pay much attention to comments, so if you post comments with the word “aryan” I won’t necessarily reward you with pictures.

Note that most of the people who pose with swastikas are Chinese Buddhists or Indians of various religions:

A lot of Western occultists who display swastikas are not Nazis:

zhai2nan2 apparently regarded Nazis as hilarious, but I think he was mostly trying to post as many anime screenshots as possible to cover up his lack of serious thoughts on the matter.

In my humble and ignorant opinion, anime and pro-white ideas don’t really go together, because anime exists to glorify the sex drives of Japanese people, and pro-white ideas ultimately are not part of Japan.

The “Aryan Skynet” website is pro-white:

Japanese people are not particularly pro-white (so far as I can tell) – Japanese people are not even pro-East-Asia – Japanese people are just pro-Japanese – and Japanese people would probably rather associate with robots than white people:


For the complete version:


See also:

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