Don’t just make noise about Gamergate, Re-play classic old video games, like Postal 2

Hadley Bennett has asked – “What is our victory condition?”

However, I think HB has lost sight of the insidious nature of the real enemy – namely, pseudo-journalism.

Real journalism is concerned with reporting the facts.

Pseudo-journalism is an attempt to secure a position of social power by which normal people can be subordinated to centralized power.

The Gamergate kerfluffle has elicited the following admission:

There are ethical concerns being ignored or dismissed because they are smothered by misogynistic rhetoric. There are some reasonable points among the grime. Some of those points–that games reporters loathe their audience; that games reporters are too close to the people they cover; that games reporters are too unwilling to see multiple angles of an issue–are valid, critical, and worth plenty of scrutiny.

The pseudo-journalistic social climbers of the West think that they should retract some of their obnoxious contempt for the peasants, in order to make sure that, in the long run, the bureaucrats can always crush the peasants.

The pseudo-journalists believe that they are the true humans and the gamers are filthy cattle who ought to be ruled and exploited. The pseudo-journalists make noise about “journalistic ethics” which really means that they want to maintain centralized media control and to suppress decentralized media.

Where do we – who do not have centralized power or social-climbing patrons – begin with OUR media effort?

Clearly, what is needed is an embrace of truly radical art – such as the game Postal 2.

I think the trailer speaks for the virtues of the game more eloquently than I could hope to do.

The company that made the game has some interesting discussions regarding Gamergate:

which links to some very interesting discussions on other sites such as:

View at


To return to HB’s question – “What is our victory condition?”

Our victory condition is when we are free to play new games that are just as shocking as Postal 2 every week.

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