How many mixed-race people will be as cute as Katya Lischina?

Katya Lischina is famous because she is much more attractive than average.

Also, she is reported to be half Russian and half Japanese, so anime fans circulate a lot of pictures of her. (However, it appears that she may be entirely Russian, or Russian and Tatar, and her “Japanese” element may be entirely cultural, not genetic.)


So, the obvious line of argument – often heard from frustrated, anime-watching celibates – is – “Mixed race girls are lovely, send all those unwanted Caucasoid MGTOWs to Asia, marry them off, and they will reverse demographic shrinkage by breeding the next generation of supermodels!”

There are more than a few problems with that particular pro-miscegenation argument.

In the first place, exceptionally pretty girls who are famous ONLY for being pretty often lead unhappy lives. Modern society doesn’t lead pretty girls to society weddings, it leads them to modeling/acting careers, and those can be horrible.

In the second place, semi-pretty girls who are of mixed race will sometimes get pushed into modeling/acting because they are seen as “exotic,” and those careers are even more miserable for semi-pretty girls.

In the third place, quite a lot of mixed-race people are not particularly attractive; some of them (e.g. Barack Obama) are downright ugly. This is not a huge problem in fairly open cultures, but some Asian cultures – notably Japan – are very stressful, and mixed-race people don’t necessarily have an easy time of fitting in.

In the fourth place, mixed-race marriages are not necessarily a viable way to reduce demographic shrinkage. If a mixed-race couple is fanatically pro-natalist (e.g. due to extreme Catholicism or Mormonism) then that mixed-race couple may indeed have many children. If a mixed-race couple is only attracted to each other personally, they might not be willing to breed more than one child, if they breed at all.

Is this to say that all miscegenation is bad? I have yet to see a convincing argument that all miscegenation is bad.

I think it is tempting for frustrated young men – of any race – to look at the women of other races and think, “Those women are totally unlike the shrill harpies who make my life hell; marriage to an outside would solve all my problems.”

Marriage might solve some of your problems, but it won’t solve ALL of your problems, and it WILL give you new problems.

“Love is an ideal thing, marriage a real thing; a confusion of the real with the ideal never goes unpunished.”

Miss Universe Japan 2015 is biracial – i.e. Yanks call her “biracial,” she calls herself a “haafu.” In my opinion, Katya is much cuter than Miss Universe.

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2 Responses to How many mixed-race people will be as cute as Katya Lischina?

  1. Allen says:

    Children of miscegenating parents cannot receive blood bone marrow transfusions from either parent for lack of a genetic match.

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