Neoreaction can always spew more hogwash than you can

I have long known that Bryce is a bullshit artist. Until today I had not realized that Bryce is a postmodernist.

A bullshit artist can be loosely defined as one who has no scruples about saying ANYTHING that will make him sound good at the moment.

Intelligent bullshit artists use deceptive tactics such as a refusal to define their terms.

Bryce made his eminent bullshit artistry evident with the following passage of incoherent and unsupported postmodern bullshit:

Third, neoreaction is always to your right. It does not exist for any right-oriented group’s purpose. Rather, those on the right exist for it. Neoreaction is not even for so-called neoreactionaries. You are allowed to enter its salons and discuss ideas with other like-minded and intellectually virtuous individuals, but this not for your own purposes but the purpose of neoreaction. Neoreaction is memetically sovereign; it picks and chooses what it likes from you, and not you from it.

Fourth, neoreaction cannot ally itself with anyone, but you can ally yourself with neoreaction. It cannot be subordinated, but as it is the manifestation of an organic, rightward telos, whatever would subordinate it misunderstands neoreaction and thus fails. You simply cannot get to the right of neoreaction, because neoreaction already occupies the extreme limit of rightward thought. Or at least that is the intent, and if it has not yet gone as far as it can, it will find its way there.

Fifth, neoreaction doesn’t care what you think, whether you agree or disagree with it. Neoreaction is not about you, you may only be about neoreaction. If you cannot tolerate this asymmetry, it’s just not for you.

Start at the outer edge of the postmodernism.

Crappy artists frequently dismiss critics of their art by saying, “It’s not FOR the critics.” This hogwash is barely tolerable coming from painters and sculptors; it is not tolerable from people who claim to be able to argue.

“Neoreaction is not about you, you may only be about neoreaction.” “neoreaction cannot ally itself with anyone, but you can ally yourself with neoreaction.” In other words, they want to start a cult, and they are trying to screen potential candidates for submissiveness and masochism.

Bryce accidentally gets close to the truth with the following: “Neoreaction is memetically sovereign; it picks and chooses what it likes from you, and not you from it.”

I could actually agree to that. Neoreaction does indeed pick and choose. It picks and chooses a few facts to spice up its unimaginative fictions, and it does its best to make logical analysis inconvenient by changing its definitions as it goes.

But at the core, Bryce wants to change what “right” means for politics.

Bryce claims: “neoreaction is always to your right”

In the conventional understanding of the political “right,” theists are to the right of atheists. Neoreaction’s leaders include the cynical atheist James Donald and the incoherent pseudo-mystic Nick Land. Any theist is politically to the right of these men.

Further, neoreaction insists on the inclusion of Jews and gays, whereas conventional right-wingers often exclude both. E.g. Matt Parrott is a right-winger who disparages Jews, although I haven’t bothered to ascertain his opinion of gays.

Any idiot who claims that neoreaction is to the right is stating an untruth. Any rube who believes such hogwash will learn to ignore right-wingers such as Matt Parrott as politically invisible.

And such invisibility of potential rivals is suspiciously convenient for the entryists who call themselves neoreactionaries.

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