Anti-clerical thoughts articulated by apostates from Christianity

I don’t have much respect for musicians who sing, “Hail Satan,” et cetera, because I think most of them are insincere and all of them are stupid.

However, I think there are a lot of people who were raised to be Christians by teachers who failed to lead by example.

These post-Christian apostates have strong emotional bonds to Christianity but are determined to reject the churches that failed to lead them.

One example of this is whoever writes the lyrics for Agonoize. The singer emphasizes a rejection of the Old Testament and of the doctrine of eternal damnation. Thus one can infer that he concedes that the New Testament has some merits and that unethical conduct in this mortal life can justly be punished by non-eternal suffering, such as in Purgatory.

I do not speak German, but the following lyrics are roughly comprehensible by machine translation:

Ich bin kein schlechter Mensch, weil ich frei denkend bin
Ich seh in euren Lehren nun mal keinen Sinn
Zweitausend Jahre habt ihr Menschen genormt
Doch vielleicht hat der Mensch Gott nach seinem Bild geformt

Nennt mich Ketzer, Sünder oder Anti-Christ
Doch wenigstens weiß ich, was Gerechtigkeit ist
Ich ertrag die hohlen Phrasen eurer Kirche nicht
Ihr führt uns nicht in – sondern hinter das Licht!

Gottlos (Gottlos)
Ja ich bin Gottlos!
Gottlos (Gottlos)
Verdammt ich bin Gottlos!

Ich trage keinen Glauben an ein falsches Ideal
Die ewige Verdammnis ist mir völlig scheißegal!

Ich bin Gottlos (Gottlos)
Ja ich bin Gottlos!

Er ist nicht mein Schöpfer
Und ich nicht sein Sohn
Zu vergeben ist nicht Teil seiner Religion
Im alten Testament spricht er von Kindesmord
Na los, folgt ihr noch blind weiter Gottes Wort?

Glaube baut nicht auf unsere Unterdrückung auf
Auch ohne Gottes Sohn
Nimmt das Leben seinen Lauf
Ich nehme mein Leben lieber selbst in die Hand
Als freier Mensch
In einem freien Land!

Gottlos (Gottlos)…

Ich trage keinen Glauben an ein falsches Ideal
Die ewige Verdammnis ist mir völlig scheißegal!

Ich bin Gottlos (Gottlos)…

If I understand the musician correctly, he’s not particularly interested in denigrating Jesus, but he is furious at the failures of mainstream Christian churches. He seems to suggest that there is some kind of spiritual truth that humans can find, but that conventional Christian churches prevent Christians from learning this truth. This is remarkably similar to Jesus’ condemnation of blind guides who cause both the leader and the follower to fall into a pit.

The musician describes himself as “gottlos,” which Google Translate renders as “forsaken.” If that is an accurate translation, the singer is describing himself as someone who deserved to be accepted, but who was unjustly forsaken – presumably by the fools of the church, not by an actual God.

The singer might be an actual atheist, or he might believe that there is some real God somewhere, but the church’s notion of God is a false idol. Google Translate renders part of the song as follows:

He’s not my Creator
And I’m not his son
To forgive is not part of his religion
In the Old Testament speaks of infanticide
Come on, you still blindly follows God’s Word?

Faith is not based on our suppression
Even without the Son of God
Life takes its course
I take my life better in their own hands
As a free man
In a free country!

This could be interpreted in various ways. I don’t want to put words in the singer’s mouth, and impose an interpretation that I might like. At very least, it seems that the singer is criticizing the church for failing to forgive appropriately.

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