Querulous Quibbles

The post at:


has framed the question wrongly.

Men are expendable because a tribe can survive extensive male casualties while maintaining high pregnancy rates caused by surviving males impregnating surviving females. The issue isn’t whether sperm are cheap; the issue is whether primitive human evolution was characterized by tribes that survived extensive male casualties.

However, the post at:


is beautiful and flawless.

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1 Response to Querulous Quibbles

  1. AAB says:

    You’re 100% right that the human race could carry on with a handful of men inseminating lots of women. It’s a system that occurs in some primates like gorillas, and amongst pretty much all domesticated animals (cattle, chickens etc), and of course amongst insect colonies like bees and ants (though interestingly not in termites), so nature proves that it works. The point that I’m making, or trying to make at least, is that viewing men as ‘expendable’ simply because ‘sperm is cheap and abundant’ devalues individual men. Ergo it’s a psycholigcally harmful idea. And Western culture un-justly devalues men enough as it is. Men don’t need to be told that we’re worthless any more. That’s what I’m driving at. Men are valuable, despite the 101 ways that we are told we’re not everyday, the fruits of civilization prove it.

    Thanks for the compliment about the second post, but alas I didn’t write it, it was some other dude.

    By the way you posted an article about the 40 hour working week a couple of months ago which was pretty interesting:

    Source: https://vultureofcritique.wordpress.com/2014/12/21/the-40-hour-workweek-makes-you-miserable-for-the-greater-profit-of-consumerism/

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