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TMBG spells “DEA” as “S E X X Y”

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I had always thought this could be possible, ever since my naval history buff friend told me about chain shot

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Cryptome accuses the Rockefellers of co-opting the USA government

Cryptome has printed a serious accusation against the Rockefellers here: Click to access NSA_surveillance_program.pdf The gist of the accusation is :

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Turboway and DataLife don’t get close to their silicon (reflections on musical history going back in 1972)

I don’t listen to music much. However a lot of modern audio art isn’t “music” so much as “computer generated auditory product” so I listen to it a little. Michael Moorcock once alluded to entropy in music by saying that … Continue reading

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Notice how the physically attractive people always look heroic

I don’t care about the Star Wars franchise. I do care about Eastern religions such as Daoism, and insofar as Star Wars motivates Westerners to examine Eastern religions, I support it. However …

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