Assistant Village Idiot might consider applying for a promotion

He call himself “Assistant Village Idiot,” but sometimes I think he should consider bucking for a higher position.

He sees the afterlife as a place where one primarily sees the people known here. All truths are now laid bare. You receive an accurate judgment of your actions. But the judgment does not come from God, it comes from other humans. Perhaps God is in the background as a sort of backstop to the whole affair.

From what I read in the American Average, those who suffered, suffer no more. Their bodies are strong and healthy, their evil oppressors have no more power over them, their weaknesses are turned to beautiful strengths. But God is rather absent from this as well. Every tear shall be dried, but by whom? Deity implied at a distance perhaps. As with Christmas and Easter, some of the essential themes are recognisable, but the major player has been removed.

Apparently God is too intense, and we prefer to look away, put on sunglasses.

For decades now, the mass media has been reporting on near-death experiences. Parapsychologists report on the “life review” as routinely as they used to report on seances.

For decades, the man in the street has been hearing that when you die, you get a “life review,” and the judgement doesn’t come from God, it comes from being able to empathize with all the humans against whom you sinned.

Apparently, this common knowledge has not yet reached all the villages, nor all the idiots, nor all their assistants.

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