Reading Vault-Co After Playing Video Games

I read Vault-Co but I don’t understand it.

My technical literacy stops at the video-game level.

Thus when I see:

I assume that he’s got the equipment to set up a giant electronic fortress – shielded from EMP, no doubt – and then I look again and see that he’s got the setup to run a barcode printer for inventory operations.

Inventory is cool, of course, but I’ve played too many video games and I have unrealistic expectations.

Texas Arcane explained the need for inventory at:

If you miss rotation dates, don’t buy on demand according to what you have in stock (inventory) and do not gauge your purchases according to your deficits (logistics) you are going to end up with too much of what you don’t eat, too little of what you desperately need and nothing that is mandatory. It is a terrible thing to discover you have 10,000 expired potato & leek soup packets you will never eat and no protein after one month of cutting into your stocks.

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