the copublishers of this report— the Fraser Institute, the Liberales Institut at the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, and the Cato Institute—began exploring the possibility of creating a broad measure of free- dom around the world with the help of scholars of varying disciplines and nationalities.

The self-appointed judges of human freedom don’t get my vote.


I only skimmed this report, but even a cursory examination seems to indicate that the people who wrote it have no idea what freedom might be.

They are indexing for things like freedom to gay-marry, and they don’t emphasize freedom to carry a pistol. The USA and Taiwan rank nearly identically, and the U.K. – land of surveillance cameras – ranks higher than both.

Note that many people are free to carry pistols in the USA, and almost no one is free to carry pistols in Taiwan.

If you want to waste your time reading this offal, here is the PDF:


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