NLP, PUA, JWN – Let me tell you why that’s rubbish

I don’t want to give the impression that every single writer who makes claims about hypnosis is talking sheer tommyrot.

Just about 99% of them are. The rest deserve a respectful hearing.

But unfortunately 99% of the self-appointed authorities on hypnosis give the other 1% a bad name.

So let me tell you about the sort of rubbish that self-appointed authorities sometimes spew.


The first problem is that the scammers who try to make a quick buck off of false claims related to hypnosis usually gravitate to NLP.

Here’s an example of the crap that they try to sell:

Seduction Products:

1. Straight To Sex is an e-book which details the process I bring every single woman through in order to secure an 85% close rate–the very first time she comes over. Click here to learn more about my strategy and the scientific breakthroughs on which I based my process.

2. Escape The Friendzone Forever is a book for guys who have decided that they’re sick of getting friendzoned, sick of being treated like a little brother, and sick of watching the women they like dating guys who don’t deserve them. If you’re ready to turn things around and start to actually date those women instead, then click here to learn how to Escape The Friendzoner….Forever!

Sales Products:

1. Make More Money With NLP is a comprehensive, in-depth look at the hypnotic techniques I use to be a consistently top-producing door-to-door salesman at every company I work for. If you want to learn real NLP–and how to use it in the real world to make more money–then click here to take the course (the first 30 students to use the code “TMAR1” get 20% off automatically!)

2. Overcome Obstacles And Make The Sale is a course which will teach you how to take a prospect’s resistance and turn it into a sale instead. If you’re ready to turn NO into YES, then click this link to take the course (the first 30 students to use the code “TMAR2” get 20% off automatically!)

Most scammers would go that far and just call it a day.

But some of them don’t stop there with a very unbecoming lust for money and sex.

They go on to make bizarre claims about how Jews ought to teach whites how to be white nationalists.

Jewish Guys: if you want a Jewish identity, please be open about your Jewishness. There are some Jews who want to distance themselves from Jewish war criminals, even if that means walking away from their Jewish backgrounds. There are some Jews who want to embrace Jewishness but reject Zionism; there are some Jews who believe they can just walk away from all the behavior of other Jews and be judged on the basis of their individual scintillating intellects. There are some Jews who want to keep quiet about being Jewish and just fade into the background.

But White Nationalism exists because some whites believe Jews screwed up white civilization. The whole point of white nationalism is that the Jews ruined whiteness and the Jews must not be allowed to define what whiteness means.

Allowing a Jew to define white nationalism means that white nationalism is just “controlled opposition.” (And similarly, allowing Victoria Nuland to command neo-Nazis just proves that neo-Nazis are a sham form of opposition.)

Now, you don’t have to like white nationalism, even if you’re white. Maybe ESPECIALLY if you’re white, you might want to distance yourself from white nationalism. If they hadn’t tried to make a buck off NLP scams, I would have tried to ignore this depravity. But this drivel exceeds my endurance.

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