Gallup reports that 49% of Yanks don’t trust their government, then whistles past the graveyard

This post will summarize public distrust of the USA regime.

Gallup put out a poll at:


Click to access Federal_Govt_as_Immediate_Threat_150921%20.pdf

The short explanation is at:

Highlights are quoted below:

The fact that almost half of Americans see the federal government as an immediate threat to their lives and freedoms may appear alarming at first, perhaps conjuring an image of Americans worrying that the government will be breaking down their doors and engaging in random arrests of private citizens.

But two findings mitigate against this type of more dramatic interpretation. First, the fact that Democrats and Republicans have flipped in their probability of holding these views when the administration changed in 2009 shows that these attitudes reflect more of a response to the president and disagreement with his policies than a fundamental feeling about the federal government in general.

Second, the explanations offered by those who hold this view reveal more traditional or political types of complaints about things the government is doing, rather than more radical beliefs about the government using power or force against its citizens.

Gaikoku comment: Gallup is whistling past the graveyard. The real divide here is not jackass versus elephant. The real divide is the people versus the banks, and the USA regime is acting as security, preventing the people from lynching the banksters.

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