What UncaBob does not mention about ” less demanding requirements for cooperation and commitment”

Uncabob has a good post here:


I will just add one small thought:

Somehow or other, societies on Planet Earth are going to reject the USA model of banging skanks until one dies of super-gonorrhea.

China is rejecting it by castigating “leftover women” as socially inferior.

Russia is rejecting it by waving a flag that has a three-child family – and who knows, the Russian Orthodox church might experience a revival.

But Planet Earth has many tribes. Many tribes will probably reject the Sexual Revolution by simply imposing harsh restrictions on outgroup fraternization. The effect will probably be to disintegrate large nation-states.

The nation-state seemed like a great idea around 1500, when cannons were expensive and European kings had good credit ratings and big military budgets.

Various nation-states seemed like gods – or demons – around 1850. For a few decades (1853-1902), Cecil Rhodes could plausibly hope to replace god-centered religions with state-centered religions.

Nowadays, it doesn’t look like the world will be full of rational, theoretical utopians, like John Dewey or Cecil Rhodes or Gloria Steinem. The world looks like it will express some unpleasant common sense about why theoretical utopianism has been failing since 1865. There might be some rationalists left after the crash, but they will probably resemble John Bagot Glubb more than Rousseau.

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