The problem with using loose women as recruiters for nationalist causes

I bet you think I’m going to illustrate this with an actual porn pic. Of course not.

Nationalist movements seek to recruit angry young men, most of whom don’t have wives. These young men are supposed to hope to get nationalist wives, with whom they will reproduce, thus propagating the nation.

Unfortunately, the kind of women who are willing to pose for recruitment photos are – in many cases – the sort of women who don’t feel a great need to reproduce.

1 – The case of “Kitty Blair”

Porn model fired as the face of German far-right party because she has sex with a black man in her new movie
Ina Groll, or ‘Kitty Blair’, was face of National Democratic Party of Germany
She encouraged men to join far-right party by dressing in revealing outfits
But she has been fired after senior NDP officials watched her new porn film
In the movie, titled ‘Kitty Discovers Sperm,’ she has sex with a black man

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2 –

Bustling with a mixture of pornography scandal broke out in St. Petersburg ultra-right organization “National Socialist Initiative” (NRI).

February 23 forum equipped photographs appeared information about the fact that one of the activists NSI Oksana Okladnikova (judging by the photos – approximate to the head of “ethno-political association” Russian “” and the former leader of the “Slavic Union – SS” Dmitry Demushkina) in parallel is porn actress, acting in movies for adults, including the topic of interracial sex.

Report this life the next day Nazi Watch said that Ms. Okladnikova in their free participation in pornographic filming time is the administrator of the NSI group in the social network “VKontakte”. A similar social work, according to the Nazi Watch, bears and other NSI activist, 24-year-old Maria Vlazneva also worked as a model and actress in the porn industry.

February 25, Dmitry Bobrov, director of NSI, also known by the nickname “Schultz”, made a statement in which he claimed that the anti-organization “was made a deliberate and well-planned provocation.”

“Two supporters of the organization in the status of candidates for a probationary period have been convicted of immoral behavior, namely participation in the filming of a pornographic video, including racial character”, – admitted Schultz-Bobrov.

“We strongly condemn the immoral behavior of the former candidates and consider the fact of their appearance in the organization, planned provocation by the enemy. Oksana Okladnikova eliminated from our ranks, as part of Mary Vlazneva suspended until the investigation is completed, “- said in a statement posted on the website

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