Male-on-male rape in the USA military via Toy Soldier

The Rand Corp., which conducted the most recent Pentagon sexual assault survey in 2014, found that about 12,000 men reported being assaulted. Sexual assault in the military is defined as unwanted sexual contact, including rape and other assaults or the attempt to commit those acts.

Of the 12,000 male victims, 3,850 reported “penetrative” attacks — meaning they were raped.

Technically that is true, but it is possible that some of those victims were forced to penetrate, which would count as rape as well. The article notes that the study’s estimates a 15 times greater number of rapes than the Pentagon’s numbers. As the articles states, “it would mean that as many as 180,000 men are assaulted in one year and, of those, 57,750 are ‘penetrative’ attacks.”

Why is it that this information has only come out now? Why do we know so little about the prevalence of rape against men in the military?

That lies mostly with the stigmas attached to sexual violence against males. People do not think it possible for men to be raped, certainly not military men. These are supposed to be the strongest men among us and fully capable of protecting themselves. Any man who is raped while in the military has to contend with that perception.

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