I can’t locate your image directory! Results from the feedback poll

I can't locate your image Screenshot

I want to thank everyone who took time to submit feedback to the poll. There will be more polls in the future.

Special thanks go to the person who offered an image directory link.

I tried to follow that link and the directory seemed to be empty, so I put a special copy of the original vulture image on the sidebar.

Here is the link, once more, just in case someone else can get it to work:



I do intend to follow the results of the poll.

I’m not entirely sure how much I can write about manliness, so here is a picture of Adrian Peter Schmidt.

adrian peter schmidt


I will offer some rage-inducing provocations, such as:


I can certainly link to sites that analyze the battle of the sexes, e.g.:




This blog will mostly offer analysis, or it will link to other folks who can do the job better than I can.





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