What will China do to feminism?

(091001) -- BEIJING, Oct. 1, 2009 (Xinhua) -- Female soldiers and officers of the three services of the Chinese People's Liberation Army march at the head of the march-past of a parade in the celebrations for the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, in central Beijing, capital of China, Oct. 1, 2009. (Xinhua/Liu Dawei) (msq)

Recently, several manosphere blogs have commented that feminism is ruining the USA’s imperial legions —




and the USA’s gene pool —




But what about China?


China doesn’t want to lead foreign expeditions if it can avoid it. Taiwan is more useful as a scapegoat than as a conquest. (Of course, China could manage to screw up and get into a hot war over Taiwan.)

China’s leadership would prefer to use its military as a deterrent in most cases. They might dabble in a few brushfire wars in Africa, but they aren’t stupid enough to repeat Belgian imperialism in the Congo.

Western countries were highly monogamous for centuries; China was highly polygynous. Chinese culture is absolutely accepting of an inequal sexual market, in which the rich males have dozens of females, and the average male is frustrated and celibate. This is not to say that Chinese states can always survive unlimited numbers of sexually frustrated young males.


If there are enough males with no skin in the game, Chinese males are capable of revolt. But in a modern world of porn, videogames, and similar distractions, Chinese males might very well decide that degenerate solitary self-abuse is much more fun than paying for a shrill harpy who will just commit adultery anyway.


The gentleman shown touting World of Warcraft seems to be Caucasoid, but perhaps in a few years, many marginally employable Chinese men will decide that they would rather be fat and happy than sweaty and muscular. (They might be able to survive and play games even with part-time jobs; certainly their parents and welfare system won’t pay them to laze about.)

Meanwhile, Chinese feminism does have a problem – the women want mates with “高薪” – i.e. “high salary,” but times are tough in the emerging economic superpower. But they also want high social rank or government office – i.e. ” 职,” and high “学历” – education level. As the picture shows, this kind of hypergamous aspiration prevents wedding bells from ringing for most people.

China only needs to appear feminist so long as more feminist countries have things that China wants. So long as Europe and the West support feminism, China can pretend to be feminist. But eventually, the West will have to swing its pendulum back.

As Dalrock wrote:

When the crisis arrives, it will take two forms. One is economic/fiscal, since married men and men preparing for marriage are the ones driving the economy and footing the tax bill. As we see more and more men on the margins move from draft horse to passenger the math will become obvious at some point. Turning this around will be extremely difficult. The incentives in our new family system (the replacement for marriage, child support) have the same problem the Soviet model had. Trying to address the problem will mean acknowledging how evil the system is, which in the short run will only make things worse. You could easily create a strike by trying to appease a perceived strike.

The other arm of the crisis will be ex carousel riders shrieking “where have all of the good men gone!” We already have seen this with the UMC media women freaking out (Marry Him, Kate Bolick, etc). What is interesting is the shrieking started when nearly all women were still marrying. Since then the data has finally started to back up their fears. It only took a tiny shift to set them into panic mode. As the reality sinks in it will be interesting to watch the real panic setting in.

I should add, on the economic/fiscal crisis the first reaction (as we already see) will be to lecture men on how marriage makes them wealthy. This won’t work because it has the causation backwards. Even if a young man with little earnings hears the message and wants to marry, he won’t find women looking to marry and magically transform him into a wealthy man. The same will be true for a 30 something man who hears the message and doesn’t already have promising earnings. What we want men to do is work hard so they can attract a wife, but the message will be to marry so you can attract wealth. It is nonsense, and more importantly nonsense which won’t affect the desired change in behavior.

After the West realizes that it is in crisis, China can drop the act and settle back down into moderate nationalism.

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