The end of Western Civilization will not be the end of all civilization on earth

Today has been a “Western” day for me, but I have not been saving the civilization of the West today.

I have been indulging in “Western” fiction, i.e. fiction that glamorizes the gunfighters of the USA’s historical Western frontier.

If you get a chance, check out “Hard West.” It has virtually no romantic or sexual subplots; it is a game about men who shoot at each other with pistols, rifles, and shotguns.


Mansized Target wrote:

So long as women have few financial incentives to favor men who are pro-social, pro-commitment, and able to be a provider to any children they may have, the proliferation of behaviors that reduce marriage to a province only of the upper class will continue. This trend will, if unarrested, quite simply destroy civilization. And the tripartite feminist achievements of birth control (of which abortion is just a subpart), dragooning men to finance this operation in the family law courts, and disproportionately taxing the higher earning of two parents families to finance the welfare state are the chief culprits behind this state of affairs.

I don’t think Western governments are going to save their peoples. The West is currently ruled by an elite that hates white people. If that elite is replaced, white people might survive. If not, yellow-skinned people are bright enough to carry the torch of civilization.

In particular, consider the fact that much of China is too poor to be considered middle-class. However, China is not well-suited to Christian morality. China’s elite are accustomed to the notion that rich men ought to have hundreds of concubines while poor men have none.

China is not going to knuckle under to Western feminism. Power in China is going to be held by a male elite. However, those males are not going to go into moral panics whenever someone decides to use contraception. Those males are going to enforce social commitment by raw power, not by Christian or pseudo-Christian guilt.

The West fell for several reasons:

1 – Compromised Christian sentiments;

2 – ethnic divisions in sexual morality (upheld by white guilt);

3 – hostile infiltrators.

Christianity can work if it is the only philosophy in your life. If you try to compromise – acting like a Christian humanist when you can and acting like a non-Christian humanist when you must – then you will be a thorough humanist, but you won’t be a Christian.

As for white guilt, it works both in Europe and the USA. In Europe, the whites believe they are inherently inferior, and they must kneel before non-whites such as Muslims. In the USA, the whites fear to speak plainly, and they allow the ultra-rich elites to turn the blacks against white middle-class culture. As a result, we have “Asian countries for Asians, African countries for Africans, white countries for everybody.”

The whites may go extinct from self-hatred. China will not go extinct from self-hatred. By 2050, it may be that no one will indulge in “Western fiction,” because all the whites may be bent on self-destruction, and after the whites have killed themselves, perhaps no one will bother to remember that the Western frontier was once considered adventurous.

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One Response to The end of Western Civilization will not be the end of all civilization on earth

  1. higharka says:

    To use your own terms: assuming whites do go extinct, a racial perspective on history would suggest that, yes, yellow peoples are able to carry the torch of civilization, but not to raise it. Yellow-skinned peoples have been able to adapt and improve white-invented technologies, but not to develop new ones. Yellow-skinned peoples have better trains, better cars, better skyscrapers, and better movies, but all of those things were originally created by white-skinned people.

    If the whites are the creators and the builders, the blacks are the fighters, and the yellows are the improvers, what will happen to the yellows when the Chosen people destroy white civilization? Will it merely be a thousand years of stagnation, marginally improving old inventions but never making anything new?

    Or, more likely, will Israel focus on destroying Chinese and Japanese civilization once Europe, Australia, and the United States have been turned into copies of Brazil and Zimbabwe?


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