The Vulture of Boutiques: Black Friday 2015 Edition

The Yankee Shopping Season is upon us, and from sea to shining sea, the SpurdoBurgers are consuming for the greater glory of Mammon.


Although I criticize mindless consumerism a lot, let us not forget that it has some lovely places of worship, such as the boutique shown below:


In recognition of (notice I didn’t write “in honor of”) the shopping frenzy of Black Friday, 2015, I present some issues in political economy.

The most important item is essentially an editorial from Keoni:

Let us not forget the four-cornered struggle between the USA, Russia, Turkey’s government, and the Kurds:

To make a long story short, the USA is trying to re-imagine British imperialism. The Yanks want to divide and conquer the Middle East; their plan is to empower the Kurds slightly. The Kurds want to kill Turks (and other people). The Turkish state is a client of the USA; the USA probably gave the Turks permission to shoot down a Russian plane. But the USA doesn’t want Turkey to get too powerful; the USA wants Russia to realize that the Turks are not being backed as a replacement for Russia.

Turkey’s government supports IS/Daesh:

The son of Turkey’s president allegedly sells oil from IS/Daesh:

Turkish social media has posted photos of Turkish President Recep Erdogan’s son Necmettin Bilal having dinner in an Istambul restaurant with an alleged ISIS leader, who it is claimed participated in massacres in Syria’s Homs and Rojava, the Kurdish name for Syrian Kurdistan or Western Kurdistan.

There is speculation Bilal Erdogan is directly involved in the black market oil business with Islamic State.

Turcopolier wrote:

What Turkey has managed to do with yesterday’s attack on a Russian air force fighter is to solidify Russian determination to see Turkey’s jihadist friends defeated.

“You can pay me now or you can pay me later” is an old American expression. The phrase transmits the thought that retribution for an offense WILL BE EXACTED eventually.

The Turks were unhappy because US and Russian air strikes destroyed a lot of the big Turkish owned tanker trucks with which IS was exporting its oil through Turkey? Erdogan’s relatives will lose money because of the destruction of these trucks?

The Turks were upset because Russia was attacking rebel Turkmen (ethnic Turks who are Syrian) on the Syrian side of the border? And, what? They thought they could do this and then hide behind NATO’s nuclear shield?

Well, pilgrims, a price will be paid, maybe not today…

Some observers of Russia believe that Russia knows how to fight Turkey:

the Turks know we know they are threatening, as well as financing the break-up of the Russian Caucasus. It’s because they know Russia is committed to blocking Turkish expansion, and to protecting Shiite Iraq and the Kurds from Turkish attack.

The USA’s ideal state would be to reduce Russia to a client power, slightly more dangerous than Turkey, while maintaining Turkey as a small, obedient client state, and the Kurds as an even smaller military client, with or without a state.

Of course, if Russia becomes a client of the USA, China will be in great danger of losing all sovereignty and returning to the days of the Opium Wars, when any white-skinned drug dealer could inflict any number of atrocities on Chinamen with extraterritoriality.

Of course, China would normally have trouble involving itself in such a matter, but they have an excuse due to a recent killing:

China will join the war on ISIS after four of its citizens were killed by Islamist terror groups in two separate attacks this week.

The vow comes after ISIS claimed to have killed Beijing man Fan Jinghui, 50, alongside Norwegian national Ole Johan Grimsgaard-Ofstad, 48, who were feared to have been taken hostage in September.

Chinese President Xi Jinping: “China will strengthen cooperation with the international community, resolutely crack down on violent terrorist operations that devastate innocent lives and safeguard world peace and security.”

He also called on the relevant departments to boost security work “outside China’s borders”.

So Russia and China are tightly allied in this matter, and they would prefer to lead the fight against IS/Daesh. Of course, Team America World Police believes that no one can be allowed to do anything without an imprimatur from the White House, and they will try to obstruct Russia and China as they fight against IS/Daesh.

The Yank government spooks assume that all their clients are stupid and incapable of rebellion. However, Greece, which was effectively a USA client, is not very stable:

The USA has some truly self-destructive clients, such as Poland. The Polish hatred of Russia is so pervasive and enduring that Poles will kill themselves for a chance to be Pentagon pawns. However, even though “stupid Polack” is the most common Yankee term for a Pole, there are limits even to Polish stupidity:

This gigantic crony-capitalist clustersnuggle has been grinding onward for decades. I can only speculate as to when it will implode.

And also, there are some other stories:


Could it be that instead of Japan having barriers to trade which the TPP is supposed to remove, U.S. (and other western) companies have simply lost the ability to compete? Another explanation is that …the TPP is nothing but kayfabe covering moves to establish a regional security treaty without scaring China. But while China is many things, stupid isn’t one of them.

(Translation: someone smuggled approximately 800 high quality shotguns out of Turkey toward Europe, and we don’t know if they had intended to sell them to Muslims or to whites who want to defend themselves against Muslims.)

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