So apparently robot pizza chefs can save our stomachs….

Via isegoria I read:

human digestive systems are not tuned to extracting most nutrients from fresh tomatoes. Tomatoes are far more nutritious when cooked…


Aeon, as expected, is justifying high-tech solutions and decrying Luddites. Their ideal tomato would be picked by a robot. And the tomatoes would be made into pizza sauce by an automated factory, of course. And we already have 3-D printers that can automatically apply tomato paste.

Just what I need – another excuse to eat pizza.

Meanwhile, I have no robots, unhealthily high blood sugar, and a dearth of affordably priced healthy foods.

The robot-labor utopia will be lots of fun for me, assuming I don’t die of ill-health while it takes its sweet time to arrive.

[Incidentally, you should all be reading isegoria.]

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