to summarize

Let me try to summarize the following links. You should read all the links, but I will show my tremendous dedication by making sure that you will understand even if you don’t do the reading.

Summary: The USA used to have a lot of self-employed workers, and the very successful ones used to become entrepreneurs (whereas the less-successful ones went back to normal jobs). Now the USA doesn’t have many self-employed people or many entrepreneurs, so the USA’s economy will continue to decline.

Summary: The USA and Israel were able to isolate Iran for many years. Lately, Iran has gotten more diplomatic connectivity, but the USA still wants Iran to curl up in a ball. Meanwhile, Russia has always been more connected than Iran.

Summary: The USA used to be important because it used to have a big middle class. Previously the USA’s middle class was dying and everyone pretended it was healthy; now people are starting to admit that the USA’s middle class hasn’t been healthy for a long time.

Summary: The USA pays for Boeing, and the USA pays for Israel, so Boeing and Israel can celebrate by spending greenbacks on missiles.

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