The difficulty of mythologizing one’s oppositional, postmodern coolness


I know why all of y’all still read this blog.

It’s the unmistakable atmosphere of oppositional, postmodern coolness.

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now that is what I call edgy a714a34071b3a259462db20c43faf178 (1)

Postmodern opposition is mostly about getting attention. It’s most driven by commercialism (as with 20th century media) or by personal ego (as with Alinsky-style agitators).

The edgelord counter-protesting the abortion protesters is driven by egotism, probably not unmixed by personal aggressiveness. His mom is probably pro-life, and he isn’t edgy enough to slap his mom in the face and tell her to shut up, so instead he undermines his racial culture and acts as a useful idiot for the Alinsky-style Baby Boomers who run his country.

The Atlantic wrote about “postmodern oppositional cool” but the journo who wrote that was and is – probably – a useful idiot, so I won’t bother linking to the Atlantic. Instead I’ll link to the much more worthwhile blog that commented on it:

thrasymachus33308, a much more serious blogger than I am, wrote:

capitalism used communism to destroy societies to free up resources. In “Animal Farm” Orwell described the communists collaborating with the capitalists, but successful communist revolution requires a lot of capitalist financial and logistical support. ISIS is an indigenous movement with strategic outside support, like a communist revolution…


Anyone can write about capitalists and communists, but it takes real genius to juxtapose that with images of male ninjas striking feminine poses.

See my deft juxtaposition? That’s what they’re talking about when they say “edgelord.”


Also don’t miss the further insights of thrasymachus33308:

… parasitism has to be balanced. The parasite can’t kill the host. That’s what communism did. Capitalism manages streams of resources and when one peters out, it has others. Cheap oil is the one it may not be able to replace, and cheap money always blows up eventually, but it has lasted a long time.

Islam as a whole was very successful because after peaking in territory, the Middle East controlled trade between Europe and Asia, so it could impose a tax on both.

Read the whole thing:

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