Noncriminal Malfeasance versus “True Crime” (plus a Swedish anti-blonde conspiracy)


I don’t have a precise definition of “true crime.” I use it loosely to talk about things that remind me of the old pulp magazines that marketed their sensationalism as “true crime.”

However, I want my readers to make use of some new menu options that should be visible from the blog’s menu bar.

has several stories about crimes that happen on various streets.

has stories on semi-criminal activities that might be impossible to indict as crimes, but are unquestionably conspiracies to cause harm.

I have started out that page with an anti-blonde conspiracy in Sweden.

Why am I posting these as pages, not as separate posts?

I like a lot of things about WordPress, but I really want a wiki, not a blog. If I post each news item as a separate post, this blog will have tens of thousands of posts, and the WordPress interface will show about 100 at a time, with a tiny but annoying delay as it switches around from interface page to interface page.

I am well aware that there are free wikis available for the taking. I am too lazy to start up another new project such as wiki migration. Thus the compromise – news stories will be added to pages. The blog will increasingly serve just to post pointers to those pages.

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