Feminism is the theory that the average woman will be as sexy as Lena Headey (who plays Cersei Lannister)


I read about actress Lena Headey, who I’d never heard of before, but who plays Queen Cersei. Reading about her, I realized that Headey has lived the “life journey” that most women dream of.

Headey became a successful actress straight out of high school. After nearly 20 years of acting and modeling, she married a rock musician and had his child in her mid 30s. She divorced him some 5 years later. Then had another child, presumably with her new (unmarried) live-in love, another successful actor. Headey has also been linked romantically to other actors in recent years.

This “life journey” is typical for female celebrities, who remain beautiful into their 40s. They lead exciting careers, and between projects they spend their time traveling the world, doing magazine photo shoots, accepting awards, appearing on talk shows, and being celebrated and admired in general, with the cream of men still lining up to love them.

Many female (and male) celebrities lead such lives, and even our “serious” news shows are inundated with celebrity coverage.

Celebrity culture is another factor that has seriously eroded our overall culture. Such a life lifestyle might work, in a way, for a lucky, wealthy few. But it’s a very poor role model for the majority. Yet an increasing number of Americans (women especially, I think) insist on living the celebrity lifestyles, posting their photos and personal information on social media, and living irresponsibly in general.



It’s not going to last forever. Feminism may last longer than I do, it may still be twerking when I die, but it’s not going to last forever.

The question of what comes after feminism is still open. The obvious alternative is a revival of pre-modern Christian patriarchy. A huge part of that is proper preparation for young people planning on marriage, but celibates will also have various roles to play.

Francis Wenceslas_Hollar_-_St_Francis

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