Four links explaining John Robb’s perverse incentives.

First – three examples of twisted thinking:

Finally, the fourth link that explains why Robb doesn’t allow himself to think straight:

“I spent 2015 thinking and writing about the future of warfare while working for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Specifically, I was tasked with figuring out how autonomous robotics could/would change warfare over the next twenty years, and how the US military could exploit that change.”

John Robb cannot see the real world, because he is getting paid by Pentagon warpigs who are paid to live in Pentagon-fantasy-land.

John Robb is probably not as deluded as the people who actually punch a clock in the Pentagon every day for 20 years. Those folks are either psychopaths, or they have adapted to working in a social narrative defined by psychopaths. See also:

I suspect that the fringe-dwellers at:

are slightly more in touch with reality, but I don’t know.

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