Self-reliant warfighters might threaten the chain of command

An idealistic Spurdo wrote:

the usmc “witch-hunt” still leaves the problem itself unsolved: the need for every Soldier in the field to have organic Survival, Evasion, Resistance Escape (SERE) skills to survive off the land if lost/separated from his unit. This crap that everyone stay together like lemmings is often unworkable in war. Had Rother been trained to be more self-reliant and less as a weak lemming and known to walk only at NIGHT to conserve fluids, to leave more visible signals for searchers to find him, and make a solar still to collect water, he could have made it on his own to safety.

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Yes, of course, if a country wants its military to win actual wars, self-reliant warfighters are preferable.

But the USA does not want its military to win wars. The USA wants its military to feed a wealthy, kleptocratic elite, while drawing out wars and warlike actions to the greatest possible durations. Self-reliant warfighters might throw one or more wrenches into those well-oiled gears.

Of course, as Sun Tzu once wrote, no country has ever benefited from prolonged war. So the USA war machine will not last forever.

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