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I hope that my long-term readers are frequently checking the menu bar to see my permanent pages. Very often I find a topic that is worthy of a serious examination, but I lack the historical research skills to generate a good page.

Edgar Steele is worthy of serious historical investigation. The following is quoted from the link at the bottom – and some day perhaps I will put up a permanent page about Steele.



On June 11, 2010, Idaho lawyer Edgar J. Steele was arrested on murder-for-hire charges. According to prosecutors, Mr. Steele hired his handyman Larry Fairfax to kill his wife Cyndi and his mother-in-law. Steele is an intelligent, educated man; Fairfax is a bankrupt failed logger who turned out to be a federal drug informant. The alleged plot is so preposterous that it would be laughed out of court if all the contradictions were presented. Prosecutors will likely cherry-pick the various pieces of ‘evidence’, with some claims being conveniently “forgotten” as they attempt to cover up the many mistakes resulting from Steele’s enemies’ failure to corroborate their stories.

The hypothetical killings were supposed to look like an “accident“, a “car crash“, so that Steele could receive an auto insurance payment of at least $100,000 with which to pay the hitman. But the plot involved two pipe bombs, targeting Steele’s car as well as his wife’s. The conspirators were to carry out a double murder by blowing up the wife’s car, hoping that a bombed car would look like an “accident“. Then they would try to make it look like a murder by staging a failed murder attempt, blowing up Steele’s car – or leaving a bomb to be discovered – to give the impression that he was also targeted formurder and therefore didn’t “accidentally” murder his wife and mother-in-law! The conspiracy to arrange the deal allegedly took place on June 9 and 10, 2010, yet the federal informant fitted a live 12-inch pipe bomb to the first car as early as May 30. Hence, the prosecution’s main witness would need to be capable of time travel, or, at the very least, to have “psychic” powers that enabled him to see into the future.

Alternatively, there would necessarily exist a bizarre contradiction. The defendant would need to be stupid enough to arrange a pipe bomb plot in May, then forget all about that and negotiate a second “make it look like an accident” hit in June, pay the same hitman his travel expenses, and repeatedly say he had “no second thoughts” as if there had never been a previous attempt to kill his wife and mother-in-law. Yet at the same time the defendant is demonstrably smart enough to understand how his opponents had tried to smear him and turn his wife against him by leaving out a teddy bear that was a present for one of his female legal clients, how they had engineered an audio file by digitally splicing together his spoken words and covering up the editing by raising the noise floor and re-recording via a microphone and speakers, and how prosecutors hoped to authenticate this ‘evidence’ against him by tricking his wife into saying that it was him speaking. The prosecution might surmise that Steele’s ruptured ascending aortic aneurysm of November 2009 caused him to develop into a split personality: one being just like the original Edgar Steele with a first-class legal mind, and the other being that of a complete lunatic. Occam’s Razor dictates that the real Steele is likely to be the real Steele, and the “loony Steele” is a fictitious construct of his enemies.

Steele describes himself as “exceedingly politically incorrect“, and has spoken the truth about many lies and deceptions promoted by the powers that be. He selflessly chose to risk his life and liberty by representing “hopeless” politically incorrect clients whom the government and the powerful hoped to see railroaded into prison. Even though he was keenly aware that such actions would bring him into their sights and could result in him taking the place of the very people he represented, he knew that someone had to do the job. He loved his wife and family, and, as a lawyer, had accumulated plenty of money such as stashes of silver – until it was seized by the Feds. And he was a smart investor. Between summer 2005 and April 2006, for example, he made $150,000 profit by refinancing his house mortgage and investing $100,000 in gold, silver and palladium stocks. He would not have killed his beloved wife, deprived his children of their mother, and risked the likely prospect of the remainder of his life in jail for double first-degree murder, merely for the remote possibility of the auto accident insurance paying out for an “accidentally” blown up car and potentially leaving him with a small surplus after the hitman had received his $100,000 cut. Thus, Edgar Steele had absolutely zero motive to kill his wife and mother-in-law, but his enemies had very strong motives to attempt to destroy him.

Within a week or two of Steele’s arrest, it was increasingly evident that the attempts to concoct charges against him had been botched. When his wife listened to the tapes that allegedly ‘prove’ he conspired to kill her, she noticed that there was no inflection in his voice and the background noise changed when he was supposedly talking about a “murder-for-hire” plot. More Keystone Kops than Mission Impossible. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) admitted to doctoring audio footage from radio exchanges with the Gaza Freedom Flotilla. Israel, a frequent target of Steele’s criticism, broadcast the edited Freedom Flotilla communications on June 4, 2010, a mere five to six days prior to the FBI’s monitoring of transmissions purportedly originating from Edgar Steele and the federal informant.


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