Allegations of radioactive methane leaks

Of course, there are many people who put out fake news stories.  And Hal Turner is not widely trusted, one might be suspicious of alleged news stories associated with Hal Turner.

In this case, however, Turner appears to be echoing the allegations of two Frenchmen, who wrote:

For almost three months the doors of Los Angeles in California more than 1000 tonnes per day of natural gas toxic fumes arise unrestrained bowels of a deposit that operated much neglected . Thick black smoke, viscous and smelly alert artificial additives rise from the mountains peaks and then down to the San Fernando Valley .   Benzene, methane and natural radioactivity radonifèresuperabundant invade the atmosphere and poison millions of people lungs. Very many pets have died and many people of all ages fell ill. The local population of the small town of Porter Ranch located in the deposit side has been belatedly discharged after doctors and voice including antinuclear have long demanded for months. No one knows when the leak that appears to spring from different fractures may be clogged or if it could be done before the colossal underground reserves will evaporate completely in the air. And no one knows how much radioactivity escapes from there because no authority seems to have not yet bothered to take measurements or at least to publish would be this only to reassure. Attending as much the subject as the huge literature on the health hazards of radon and its descendants to the fatal equilibrium knows that the dangers are very serious because the leak could be completely disproportionate.

The technical documentation of the gas industries in fact indicate that radon coming from the uranium decay chain 238 (Rn 222)may be at alarming levels up to 200,000 Bq per cubic meter of gas. This implies that account, on the one hand, co-presence of radon from the uranium decay chain 235 (219 Rn) and radon from the Thorium 232 of the chain (220 Rn) and, Moreover, descendants to balance each Radons that this activity of radon 222 must be multiplied by 11 to properly account for the minimum released radioactivity. (Extended as the gases also contain lead (Pb 210) and radioactive Radiums (Ra 226 precursor Ra-222, Ra 223precursor Rn 219, Ra 224 precursor Rn 220) although normally lower content in natural gas represent a very high contribution in terms of toxicity.)

In other words, in an equilibrium condition in each of the 3 sub-channels radonifères natural U 238, U 235 and Th 232 radionuclides that have 5 each, overall activity emitted by these 3 sub -chaines NORM corresponds to 11.1 times the activity of 222 Rn. An activity of 200 KBq (5.41 μ Ci) of radon 222 per m 3 of waste gases therefore requires a global activity of 2.21 MBq per m 3 (59.86 μ Ci).

In 80 days of viscous and gaseous fumes at a breakneck pace of 1.7 million m 3 per day (1115 tons per day at a rate of 46 tons per hour escape from the basement), 136 million m 3 of natural gas dispersed in the air having been able to carry with them 301.24 TBq (3,01E14 Bq) is 8.14 KCi of natural radioactivity to a respirable emanation 12.06 million Sievert is equivalent to 2 41 million potential lethal dose inhalation According to the same dose coefficients of the ICRP.

Where are the measures radiological that belie scathing this ” worst case scenario “?

Postscript . If the flight , as it was now prospected , was actually 3 times greater of 5.1 million m3 of effluent per day (3346 tons per day), while for the same hypothetical content per meter cube of radon 222 the natural radionuclides contained in the underground gas would fly at a rate of 130.75 MBq (3.53 mCi) per second, of 470.69 GBq (12,72 Ci) per hour, 11.30 TBq (305.31 Ci) per day for an excursion in 90 days 1.02 PBq (27,48 KCi) a dispersion of 40.7 million Sievert representing a potential of 8.14 million lethal doses by inhalation.


This was repeated by various folks such as Hal Turner and Steve Quayle, until it hit a major website:


I don’t necessarily believe it, but I don’t disbelieve it.  A fact can be true even if Hal Turner has repeated it.

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