Which one is less trustworthy – Soros or Putin? (And – is Soros correct in his claims about Russian bankruptcy in 2017?)

“The race for survival pits the EU against Putin’s Russia,” Soros says.“ISIS poses a threat to both, but it should not be over-estimated. Attacks mounted by jihadi terrorists, however terrifying, do not compare with the threat emanating from Russia.”

According to Soros, “Putin’s Russia and the EU are engaged in a race against time: The question is which one will collapse first.”

“The Putin regime faces bankruptcy in 2017, when a large part of its foreign debt matures, and political turmoil may erupt sooner than that.”

In October 2015, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban lashed out at Soros, blaming him for fueling the refugee crisis in Europe. Orban criticized the support Soros had expressed towards refugees from the Middle East heading to Europe, saying that the billionaire undermines stability on the continent.

Soros made a name for himself as the “man who broke the Bank of England” by engaging in questionable Forex hedging and betting against sterling – which made him more than $1 billion in one day in September 1992. Some speculate that Soros has been the beneficiary of insider trader information while making investments. In 2002 a Paris court found Soros guilty of using inside information to profit from the 1988 takeover deal for bank Societe Generale.

In November, the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office recognized George Soros’s Open Society Institute and another affiliated organization as undesirable groups, banning Russian citizens and organizations from participation in any of their projects. Prosecutors said the activities of the Open Society Institute and the Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation were a threat to the foundations of Russia’s constitutional order and national security. The Soros Foundation started working in Russia in the mid-1990s, but wrapped up its active operations in 2003.




I don’t doubt that “political turmoil” can always erupt in Russia, considering that foreign-funded agitators like Pussy Riot are well-paid to engage in hooliganism.

Could Russia go bankrupt?  I don’t see any realistic indications that it’s possible.  I think Soros is trying to propagandize a vague anti-Russian sentiment.

If Western authorities claim that Russia is bankrupt, what does that change?  China will still cooperate with Russia.  Western countries will still restrict trade with Russia according to arbitrary “sanctions.”


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