Ex-Army illustrates “Cuckservative” with Kannagi


The channers have spoken re Ex-Army:


The clipped image refers to the Buzzfeed review of this kind of QUIBCAG:


For those of you who haven’t seen the show below, the characters depicted are, from left to right: (red hair) fairly normal girl; (dark purple hair) prostitute; (blue hair) non-virgin who eventually confronts an ex-lover.

The English subtitle of Kannagi is “Crazy Shrine Maidens,” which is technically misleading in English.

The term “maiden” is ambiguous; it is supposed to mean a young woman who is a virgin.

However, a “maiden” might be considered maidenly if she is merely young and not virginal.

Most of the important female characters of Kannagi are NOT virgins. The villainess is a literal prostitute who literally charges 100 yen – about one dollar – per sexual act. The heroine has had boyfriends in the past and is unabashedly sensual, although the author tactfully refused to publish details of her previous sex life.

So the “shrine maidens” in Kannagi should be called “priestesses,” because they are not virgins.

Ex-Army has – perhaps appropriately – used this show to illustrate the demographic promiscuity of right-wing politics.


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4 Responses to Ex-Army illustrates “Cuckservative” with Kannagi

  1. Tucci78 says:

    Interesting. Any link to the desperate Buzzfeed slagging of Ex-Army’s latest (12 February) Web log and his invitation:

    So right now I’m proclaiming that it’s valid to fight grossness with grossness, and fire with fire, and not concede any such tools for the exclusive use of the left to destroy us.

    And that includes vulgar language. I wonder when and if Trump will annihilate his opponents with ‘cuckservative.’

    Are the Buzzfeed apparatchiki genuinely fearful that folks in Trump’s campaign might be reading Ex-Army and adopt this devastating one-word “kill shot” to take down the various pseudoconservatives whom our National Socialist Democrat American Party has manipulated as purely nominal opponents and malleable “useful idiots”?

    • I don’t know. I tried search Buzzfeed to figure out what they were thinking, but it all looked like gibberish and banter to me. I couldn’t tell what they were slagging and I couldn’t find links to Ex-Army.

  2. Rex May says:

    The country is ready for an uprising of Silly Bastards! Actually, I had no idea who the girls were. I picked them solely for their cuteness value. It would be refreshing indeed to hear the Trumpster say “cuckservative.”

    • Tucci78 says:

      Ave, Baloo. There’s much to be said for “cuteness value,” especially as it’s been enhanced by the gaiko’s perspicacity and diligence.


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