Collapse is slow … two years after panic, people still report the legends as current

It’s hard to be a good journalist.

The instinct is to report whatever seems shocking and attention-grabbing.

Gunmen on motorcycles seems shocking, right?

I should report that, right?

But it happened two years ago. It’s not really current.

I like SHTFplan, but they recently had to issue a retraction:

Editor’ Note: The initial report about this incident was printed in error. While the videos and images below were believed to be recently recorded, several readers contacted us to report that these incidents occurred in February 2014 and not February 2016.

The lesson here is not just that journalism is hard.

The lesson is that there is a lot of ruin in a nation. Venezuela has apparently been collapsing for more than two years, and the situation shows no sign of getting better, or even coming to a merciful end. Maybe life in Venezuela will just suck for a long, long, long time, with no interesting changes.

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