Chi bao le mei you? I’m not feelin’ too good myself…

[In China, one doesn’t ask “You feelin’ alright?” One asks “Chi bao le mei you?” However, if you sing that phrase to the Joe Cocker tune, it sounds roughly correct. The number of syllables matches up, anyway.]

According to Reuters:
* Retailers in China are shedding staff, slowing expansion plans and seeing stocks pile up in warehouses as shoppers tighten their belts – a major headache for a country that has pinned its hopes on consumers to drive economic growth.

Also mortgages suck:

Also Commies are angry with Xi:

As reported earlier, the steel and coal workers are suffering from wage theft.

China is NOT feelin’ alright. The rest of the world isn’t feelin’ too good itself.

In a few months, the Special Drawing Right will include the yuan. That should change the game a little bit. The USA election will provide some short-term chaos. However, China needs a long-term growth spurt to build its middle class. (By “growth” I don’t mean new debt and new fiat money. I mean actually distributing some wealth to the Chinese workers. I don’t know how to make that happen.)

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