The aristocrats of America are the men who eat the venison of the deer they have slain


Free Northerner does not understand aristocracy.

He wrote:

Some of the working-class on the right-side of a bell-curve or two may be able to extract themselves from the cultural collapse and some others may be passed by, but most are no more able to escape than a baby is to swim.

You can not expect natural peasants and yeomen to be able to properly hold up the responsibilities of natural aristocrats or priests.

there is nothing shameful about not being an aristocrat or priest or with being a yeoman, peasant, or even a slave. While our modern status structure prizes the priestly class (ie. the educated, the academic, the high-IQ, the journalist, the bureaucrat, etc.) as having status above all, primarily because the priestly class seized the status hierarchy for themselves through their control of modern mass communications, this is a corrupt and degenerate status hierarchy. (The aristocratic class is all but dead). The denigration of the admirable yeoman or peasant and the loss of the status that used to be given granted to an honest blue-collar family-men is an evil corruption.

Anybody, who knows their proper position in the hierarchy and faithfully renders their duties should receive the proper honour and status. Such is right and noble.

Free Northerner has confused the human hierarchy with natural law.

The gentleman pictured above probably is descended from peasants, farmers, foot soldiers, and the like, not from blue-blooded sword-swingers bound in byrnies. Nonetheless, the gentleman above IS a true gentleman.

Yeoman ascend to the nobility by their actions. The man who owns his own weapons, shoots his own deer, and eats the venison is a nobleman. What is the social class of a gun-toting land-owner? (I don’t know enough about medieval Europe to say with confidence whether yeomen owned their own land. I am open to scholarly instruction on this matter.)

The man who adorns his living room wall with the trophy heads of deer is a jarl or a thane of some kind, not a mere yeoman. His use of gunpowder presents no impediment to his nobility.

The United States (as imagined by Jefferson) was to be ruled by natural aristocrats. Let us pay them the tribute they have earned.

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