Is Clinton’s code name “MEGA”?

An anonymous critic has claimed that Pollard was never an attorney, and that only attorneys can be “partners” at law firms. This criticism, if confirmed, would tend to cast doubt on the original author’s claims.


Quoted from source linked below:


Did you know that Vince Foster, Hillary Clinton, and Jonathan Pollard were all simultaneously partners at Rose Law Firm? Yes, THAT Jonathan Pollard, the spy for Israel who stole and enormous amount of intelligence from the USA and sold it to Israel.

James Comey, currently FBI head, back then as a federal prosecutor, helped Hillary stay away from the Vince Foster scandal and Pollard spy case. My, my, my, what a small world we live in!
For decades, there has been an Israeli spy code-named ‘Mega’ stabbing the USA in our collective backs and loyally serving Israel. Since its been shown that the Clintons will do anything for money, is Hillary an Israeli spy??
Mega was operating at the highest levels in the Clinton Administration national security establishment, briefs and meetings that Hillary had access to. Did she parlay that sensitive info into money and power, which would lead eventually to the Israeli masterminded 9/11 False Flag?
When Mega was finally outed as spying for Israel, the press coverage and the search for Mega in the Clinton WH came to an abrupt end. One of the sinister connections between Hillary, the WH and 9/11 is the Israeli company that which was providing billing and directory assistance for 90% of the phone companies in the USA back then.
Now who was Bill Clinton trying to protect by squashing the hunt for the Israeli mole in his administration?
As for ferreting out this spy, don’t count on the MSM, they’re part of the cover-up and assassins of the truth …
One more indictment of HRM Hillary is all the sleaze surrounding her use of a private email server in her home that was not sanctioned and was easily hacked. Did Clinton get that highly sensitive info to her Israeli buddies?
That’s something an Israeli MEGA-spy would do.
If you know who controls the WH, then you’d know they wouldn’t want their next choice for POTUS to get arrested for treason.


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