Yeah, I should impose rules on my blogging, but what are the odds of that happening?


Do you ever feel like you’re wearing that apron, and telling the world, “I know you expected me to have my act together, but dinner is not ready, your bath is not ready, nothing is ready….”?

Note that in the picture, there appears to be a Nintendo Gameboy on the floor. Possibly dinner isn’t ready because the time allocated to dinner preparation was spent on gaming, or doodling, or web-surfing.

HL wrote:

I’ve been deliberately limiting my time spent in the virtual world to focus more on the real world. Part of this decision is based on how time consuming it is for myself to compose a new blog post. Up until about two or three years ago, blogging came very easy to me. I saw, read or experienced something that struck my muse, I logged on and let the words flow from my fingertips. But things have definitely changed as I started to impose some rules for myself regarding this blog. These rules constrain the volume of my output, and they make each new post a lot more time consuming and painstaking to produce.

A lot of this time consuming effort is based on trying to avoid redundancy, and when you’ve been blogging as long as I have, my focus on trying to avoid rehashing old ideas already thoroughly expressed gets more and more difficult to adhere to. I’m aware that this kind of rule for myself puts my writing muse into a box that makes blogging much more difficult than it needs to be. Nevertheless, I don’t forsee myself ever fully quitting this hobby compulsion.

Some time ago, I did a poll, asking readers what they wanted to read. I don’t have it in front of me, but I think the top response was “political economy.” I post a lot of stories allegedly related to that, but they can’t all be zingers.

You might notice that I haven’t been posting much political economy lately. The doom-and-gloom of late-stage capitalism is filling my news feeds with stories about expanded surveillance authorization.

I probably should impose rules on my blogging. I don’t put a lot of concentrated thought into blogging. It’s not like I have grand ideas that I can get off my chest by blogging. At best, I can spew of stream-of-consciousness commentary, and, if I’m lucky, one or two of my ideas will be worth thinking about.

If I’m not lucky, I spend extra time web-surfing within a narrow little ring of websites, most of which don’t tell me anything I didn’t already know. I can always spend an hour and find something worth reposting. But that’s not citizen journalism, that’s not activism, it’s just parroting and funposting.

I am not a political guy. I am an anime-viewer. In fact, I used to put in daily posts about all the anime that I was watching. You can find that blog at:

I started that blog when my life and schedule were both stable, and thus I could relax and watch anime every single day. Nowadays, I am tired and sleepy and lazy. I am so lazy, in fact, that I can’t be bothered to watch anime on a regular basis. My anime blog used to get daily updates, all of which were relevant to anime. Now it gets updated irregularly and infrequently with irrelevant content.

It takes a bit of effort to collect useful links into coherent posts. I am not as socially-adept as Free Northerner, whose link posts are timely, focused, and genteel.

I am not as focused as the blogger at:

I truly admire his approach to history, but I’m too lazy to become an amateur historian at this point.

So I am going to do an informal, uncontrolled trial of a blogging style I have tried before: posting link round-ups.

The following are examples of poorly-organized “stories” – usually consisting of just one link, but sometimes including several links.

Readers, give me feedback about these links. Are any of them worth your time?


Sci-Hub as necessary, effective civil disobedience


The following copypasta actually straddles the line between activism and journalism:

rick wilson called trump supporters “childless single men who masturbate to anime. They’re not real political players. These are not people who matter in the overall course of humanity.” but did you know his son promotes a “how to pimp” site?
it teaches people how to make women into prostitutes and it also tells you “the black ones are cheaper” this is clearly sexist and racist but his mother supports his actions as seen below

the site

him promoting it

mother defending him

also here is a link to reddit that is linked to the site

3. Surveillance

Anti-Choice Groups Use Smartphone Surveillance to Target ‘Abortion-Minded Women’ During Clinic Visits

You are being followed: The business of social media surveillance

Policing the Dystopia

4. The Intercept, Snowden, Spooks, Corruption, Humanitarians Clutch Their Pearls:

Americans Send The World A Plea For Help

A Tyranny Years in the Making

Ian Fraser: Just How Corrupt is The UK?

Shut Up, I Explained, Mostly Pointlessly

Protip: Never Willingly Talk To The Feds. Ever.

Are US Courts Going Dark?

5. Allegedly scientific discoveries:

A bigger, meaner mouse for social defeat:

6. Human interest stories – mostly pop psych, cracker-barrel anthropology, etc.

One problem is that I know most of my readers like to visit on weekdays. I presume that this blog is safe to read at work, and more fun than focusing on your desk job, so most of my readers are probably office workers goofing off from Monday to Friday.

So, if I could post a collection of random links like the above EVERY weekday, I would probably have a lot of happy readers. The above links, however, took several weeks to accumulate. If I make a habit of posting many links, I’m going to need to reduce my posting frequency a whole lot.

This post mentions that I should impose rules on my blogging. I might do so, and I might not. I am definitely going to impose some rules on my life, starting with “Get more than 4 hours of sleep per night.”

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